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Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn January 2016 - 1/4/2016 4:00:00 PM ~ Batten down the hatches

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn January 2016

On January 5, Mercury goes retrograde at 1 Aquarius, beginning its first retrograde of 2016; it remains retrograde until January 25, turning direct at 14 Capricorn. As a result, Mercury doubles its customary period in Capricorn, giving us extra time to rethink, retool, and release whatever is no longer working or is out of alignment with our highest good. Mercury retrograde January 2016 will be one of the most challenging in a long time. Intense battles of ideologies will lead to greater chaos, extremism and aggression. We may awaken feeling irritable on the 5th, since Mercury squares Mars and stations retrograde just before dawn. It’s always wise to avoid important conversations or decisions when Mercury is moving backward, so this is not a good time to try to resolve issues, especially since a Venus–Neptune square is also active, interfering with our ability to see relationships clearly. This aggressive energy has been around for over a week and it climaxes again just as Mercury retrograde kicks in. People may act irritable and angry if they are harbor strong negative emotions. Driving or operating machinery when feeling angry or too emotional could increase the risk of accidents. Personal relationships may suffer from obsessive-compulsive behaviors, lying or in the worst case, violence. You may come into contact with or have to address some dark and sinister areas of life such as crime, addictions or other taboo subjects. It is best to take this retrograde period more seriously than usual. It may play out more on the world stage through terrorism, extremist activities or stormy weather conditions. Avoid risky situations and extreme behaviors and use this time to turn inward and integrate or release any displaced energies you may have accumulated from the past.

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