Jupiter Opposition Uranus January 2017 ~ The Awakener

Jupiter Opposition Uranus January 2017 ~ The Awakener

Jupiter opposition Uranus is like the thank the lord aspect as it can suddenly change your luck, everything can turn around in any moment. It is the energy of an awakening something inside of you and your luck can change overnight. As Jupiter is in Libra it is more focused, release from feeling restricted. Discover what makes you excited and inspired. It is an opportunity to connect to the source of life. It is a time of great tension but there can be a release of of the chains and elevate you to the next level, relations with self (Aries) and relations with others (Libra) others can change dramatically and unexpectantly. All of the sudden you can meet someone either a relationship, friendship or new business partner. It can bring peace within ourselves or peace with others. It is exact on the 27th December 2016, March 7th 2017 and September 27th 2017. It can also bring fated encounters. This aspect could encourage promiscuity. Uranus opposition Jupiter in Libra aspect can manifest that way because it loves to break with tradition and Jupiter in Libra is already looking for an abundance of relationships.

Major breakthroughs in science occur at this aspect, so with this next occurrence, we are in store for lots of recent discoveries coming to light. The special thing is, there have been a lot of recent discoveries since 2003 ( the previous time we had Jupiter opposition Uranus), and what will be revealed will be a lot more in general, and a lot more revolutionary. Aries is power and initiation, that means energy. Likely we will see new energy systems which will liberate the individual and give us more flexibility and adaptability with which to meet the world. Many of these discoveries are already known to many scientists throughout the world, but the opposition to Jupiter causes them to be broadcast to the general population where they become common knowledge.

Jupiter in an air sign and Uranus in a fire sign so these energies are very outgoing and far reaching. But these energies are very egotistical so try to get out of your own way to allow the deeper changes to take place. Opportunity to see your life from a new perspective Uranus is the higher mind that maintains connecting to source energy. what can you do that takes you out of your rigidity that can catapult you into something new.

This new paradigm is going to come as quite a shock to many people and this could really cause some upset in relationships. The status quo will change, but it won’t go quietly. The added Jupiter square Pluto means challenges and revolt along the way. A whole new, electrical awareness enters your perspective. It’s like a light turns on inside of your head. It is a very spiritual experience in the sense that you get in touch with your higher self (Uranus) and suddenly make more room for your higher self in your life. It is a very liberating time. A renaissance for Jupiter and Libra.

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