• Intellectual Expression
  • August 04 2020

Mercury in Leo

 On August 4th, Mercury leaves the Cardinal waters of Cancer and enters the Fixed fire of Leo. This transit lasts until August 19th, and is a shift from feminine to masculine energy, from Lunar to Solar power, and our mind moves from a focus on how others feel, to how we feel about ourselves. Mercury spent a longer than normal transit through the emotional sign of Cancer, due to its retrograde phase. We are ready to move from nurturing others to a place of self care and self expression. Our focus is now on our personal goals as opposed to comforting the collective.

 Communication becomes more expressive under this influence and tends to exude confidence through our conversations. We are eager to share our authentic selves, and thanks to the Messenger planet Mercury, we are able to articulate our ideas in a very persuasive manner. Leo is ruled by the Sun, and this shift highlights Leo’s golden energy. A time to shine in romance, storytelling, and grand adventures. Leo is loud and proud and desires to be acknowledged.

 Mercury catalyzes each zodiac cycle, channeling the qualities of each constellation directly into the mind. In the sign of Leo, this manifests as pride. We have a two week window of opportunity to face ourselves, our core identity, and the stories we tell about who we are. Mercury teaches us the very personal lesson of self satisfaction, by means of gratitude, thus keeping our ego in check. Choosing to operate from a place of humility is to awaken the heart, a very” Leo” quality. When operating from a place of heart centeredness, we avoid toxic extremes of satisfying self.  By remaining mindful of our sexual, and creative energies during this period, we can find a healthy balance that helps avoid the extremes that lead to self sabotage.

 Halfway through the transit, Mercury creates a square to Uranus in Taurus, on August 10th. This tense aspect challenges us to explore our revolutionary ideas, asking ourselves if they are grounded in practicality. The earth sign of Taurus challenges us to tame our now over the top displays. Mercury then harmoniously aspects Mars in Aries, on August 16th. This supportive Fire trine creates an energy that allows us to communicate our desires and intentions with ease. We feel the forward momentum finally. Then on August 17th, Mercury conjoins the Sun in Leo, allowing our inner light to shine. The Sun is the natural ruler of Leo and productivity soares under this exalted influence.

 Mercury rules our minds, and in the Fire sign of Leo, often overthinks. It prefers to hold it all in, and then an inevitable explosion of suppressed emotion tends to follow. Unlike the other Fire signs, Leo lives from the Heart. Such intense displays are often sourced from deep passion. This placement encourages us to balance those expressions. By tapping into the Solar source of strength, self-control is possible. This transit of Mercury offers us the ability to tune in to our true voice. We become empowered to operate in alignment with authenticity, confident in who we are, and where we are going. Inner Harmony comes from knowing that we are Divinely supported in our process of getting there.


Transit Themes:

 Confidently communicate my truth.

Creatively express my authentic self.

Consciously balance pride and humility.