• The Revolutionist
  • January 20 2020

Aquarius Season

This has to be the most Aquarius, Aquarius-season seen in our lifetimes! With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in this freedom-loving sign, the Aquarius energy is switched on to full! From January 19th until February 18th, we can expect a much more than usual emphasis on Aquarian qualities such as: individuality, liberation, community, rebellion, technology, idealism and non-conformity.  Added to that, Uranus will have turned Direct, the modern ruler of this unique sign – and the series of the unsettling Saturn-Uranus squares will be felt, too. The result? Complete mayhem and a good dose of unpredictability and excitement!

With Aquarius season, we will collectively be feeling (seeing as Aquarius rules the social collective) ready to make waves, to stand up for what we believe in. We will be growing stronger in our convictions, and willing to be mocked and persecuted for what we know to be true. Being the sign of the teacher, Aquarius Season really is about educating ourselves and spreading knowledge, about learning the truth and giving that to the world. This is a time where we can let our inner ‘freak flag” fly high, whether that equates to being a “conspiracy theorist” or someone refusing to conform to what society is demanding of us.

Thus, Aquarius becomes the sign of the revolutionist and perhaps that’s exactly what the world needs! There’s a powerful New Moon in Aquarius, as well as alignments of Jupiter and Saturn, also in this sign, to the inner planets the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Here, we can really set our course for the future, because Aquarius is all about the future. It’s a million steps ahead, and thus always labelled “the weirdo”.

If we can all tap into this forward - thinking energy, keeping the collective in mind – our brothers and sisters – we can really make a difference. Together, says Aquarius, we stand – and divided we fall.

Aquarius season will have many of us being keyboard warriors, or voicing our opinions out there in the world. We’ll be finding online or real-life communities who share our ideals and joining them. We’ll be educating ourselves, via courses, workshops and self-help seminars. We’ll be reading “woke” books and exploring what science has to say about life right now, about the rules.

It is not the time to be blindly following what we are told. It’s a time where we want to be conscious for ourselves, where we also want to be fighting for minorities. #BLM & #MeToo are just two examples. Aquarius wants to unite each and every person and not have things such as money, color, race, gender or other issues dividing us.

What do we need to look out for? Well, Aquarius can be a know-it-all. With Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius starting on Jan 30th, we could be eating our words, making mistakes or acting out of order. If change needs to come in our lives or within society, it’s important to be responsible about it, too. Serious conversations and life decisions come about this Aquarius season, as Jupiter and Saturn ask us to step up and discipline our ideas, our communities and our awareness. This truly is an exciting time, an unprecedented time! Its’ time to shake things up and think in new ways!