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Sun Conjunct Ascendant

Sun Aspects

The sun represents our vitality and our conscious ego, the self and its expression. It establishes our will to live and our creative force. It is associated with spontaneity and health. A well aspected Sun will describe a person who has heart, who cares for others both in general, and at the personal level. A poorly aspected Sun will describe a person who either has much more difficulty accessing this love and caring ability. In your chart the position of the sign represents your life purpose and style in which your make your mark in the world.

Sun Conjunct Ascendant

Sun Conjunct your Natal Ascendant makes you identify strongly with the image you present to others. You like to make an impression on others. This can make you are self-conscious, although you may prefer to project a strong image. You will feel at your best when you make a mark on the world but avoid obsessing over what others think of you. Sun rising people tend to believe that they are in control of their destiny. They usually don’t believe in fate, and they’ll take any pessimistic comments that come their way as personal challenges. If the Sun is in the 12th house it may be a little harder to express yourself, and your motivations and desires may have a subconscious or mystical element to them. You may be inclined to daydream a lot about being awe-inspiring leaders, or the center of attention, but there can be much self-consciousness and some reluctance to actually throw themselves into the spotlight.
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