• Intellectual Examination
  • January 02 2022

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury the speediest planet in our solar system leaves its position from authoritative and focused Capricorn on the 2nd of January.

This happens on the day of the Capricorn new Moon which is joined with a trine to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius. Alongside this we already have Venus in retrograde in Capricorn, with mercury now entering its shadow period preparing for its retrograde on the 14th of January. This energy creates delays and adds restrictions forcing us to consider the past and revise the present. This is about restructuring certain facets of our lives before real growth can happen.

With Mercury moving into Aquarius, alongside the trine between Uranus and the New moon, this is a period that you want to lean into.  It brings with it the potential for innovative realization where we have the capacity to think out of the box, beyond our restrictions. This marks the start of our ability to expand our creative awareness far beyond what was previously possible.

 Aquarius is known for forward thinking and pushing of the envelope. This period brings us a fresh perspective supporting the grounding influence we received from the Capricorn energies around restructuring our lives. Can we  allow our thinking to become more progressive and objective and our communication unorthodox, free-spirited and spontaneous as we break free from old mental constructs?

The airy nature of Mercury in Aquarius also brings us the gift of detachment along with the grace of objectivity. We are more interested in facts than feelings, giving us the opportunity to view things we are emotionally invested in through a more rational lens.

We are now able to see people and situations for what they are as opposed to how we may previously have been viewing them.

Be mindful during this period of neglecting your feelings due to over rationalizing. Don’t let this make you insensitive or cold towards others. You can use this energy to detach from your feelings in a healthy way where you become more openminded and openhearted towards people from all walks of life.



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