• Intellectual Action
  • May 04 2021

Mercury in Gemini

On the 3rd of May at 10:48 pm EST, Mercury the Messenger arrives in his home sign of Gemini, to stay for an extended period over his usual two -week visit in a sign. Here, Mercury stays until 11 July, making this a long, 2-month transit! 

Mercury gains extra strength in Gemini, and for the most part, we can experience communication, learning and thinking at full volume! In fact, perhaps Mercury in Gemini can be too fast for some of us – in this sign, he takes information in at lightning speed and is always hungry for more.

During this period, it’s going to be absolutely essential to have a good “mental diet”, meaning that we will need to carefully pick the intellectual food we are feeding to our minds. If we don’t, we may become rather anxious and even overwhelmed with information. Luckily. Mercury in Gemini is great at sifting fact from fiction, and we can have a keener attention to detail than usual. 

The reason, of course, why Mercury is staying so long in Gemini is due to his Retrograde in this busy, curious sign! Over these few weeks of Retrograde, from 29 May until 22 June, thinking is a little less clear that Gemini would like it, particularly with three tough aspects to misty Neptune. 

Gemini is a sign that generally finds it tough to make decisions, simply because it seems as if the options and opportunities available – we may freeze in fear of making the wrong choice, leading to making no choices at all. Hence, over this Mercury in Gemini period, and especially over the Retrograde period, it’s important to stay open, yet focused and perhaps even to think about limiting our options to just a few choices, so that we can feel on top of things, mentally. Our task this month is to have a process of elimination so that our decisions become clear and easier! 

With Mercury’s three squares to Neptune on the 22nd of May, the 5th of June and the 6th of July, confusion may reign, - but so can imagination and intuition. In fact, we can use these gifts to discern the truth from fiction and to see through any deceptions that will most likely come our way. Let us be wise with our words, honest and truthful over these periods so that we can keep our conscience clear! 

Over these times, its’ also important to not consume social media drama, as Neptune rules false media, and it may be prolific around these periods. Use the discernment of Gemini to look sharp and keep our eagle eyes clear. 

We can also use this two-month period to better understand our relationship and connections to our family, particularly our siblings, aunts, uncles and extended family members. Miscommunication may come up, but so does the opportunity to renew certain relationships and get to the bottom of things in an objective, rational and logical way. 

This is also a fabulous time to get writing and journaling, to be blogging and networking, as Mercury in Gemini just loves to chat, learn and gain new information. Expect some restlessness and moving on from something just as soon as you’ve distilled the most crucial information from it – Gemini energy is not the type to sit on any one subject for long! 

As Mercury finally moves into the storytelling sign of Cancer, we shift from social, chatty and busy minded into inner silence, reminiscence and creativity.

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