• Intellectual Expression
  • July 19 2022

Mercury in Leo

Mercury in Leo is a grand placement, a placement for royalty and leaders. Communication in the style of Leo is passionate and warm, dignified and authoritative. Having swum in the nurturing, motherly waters of Cancer, Mercury in Leo is all about the energies of the protective and proud Father. This is a masculine, active energy, and we may be moved at this time to stand up on a stage and communicate to as wide of an audience as possible.

Seeing as the sign of Leo rules the heart, and Mercury the mind, we can experience a coming together of both, a symbiosis and a merging of these important centers. We can say what we really feel, and we’ll say it with meaning and purpose.

Of course, there’s always a shadow side to every sign, and Mercury in Leo can be guilty of dominating the conversation. We might have a bit if an egotistical perspective in which our point of view is the only one that matters. Listening is essential during this period, as we may get so swept away by ourselves that we forget that there are other people who need to have a voice, too.

The other shadow of Mercury in Leo is the tendency to get a touch opinionated. If someone doesn’t agree with us, well, we may just speak a little louder – that’s where the roar of the lion comes in, and not in a good way. Let us lower the volume from time to time and listen to what our hearts are trying to say and to the value of others’ ideas.

Mercury in Leo is also a bit of a diva and a drama queen, but this can be great fun. Expressing ourselves with a bit of flair can add color to any conversation, so let’s not hold back too much. Those of us who teach, present, sing or act can thrive whilst Mercury is in Leo.

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