New Moon in Gemini June 13 2018


New Moon in Gemini June 13 2018

Shifting Perspectives
June 13 2018

The New Moon in airy, mutable Gemini on June 13th, plants a seed for change, and highlights the power of our thoughts and words to shape reality. It reminds us that the first step to shifting our circumstances is to view them from a new angle, and we can draw on the Gemini gift of seeing any situation from multiple perspectives. If we find ourselves stuck in an old, limiting mental tape about what’s possible, this New Moon offers us a chance to rewrite that story and up-level our circumstances.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is in watery Cancer, the Moon’s home sign. This mutual reception between Mercury and the Moon calls us into our emotional intelligence — the deeper level of heart-knowing beneath the surface of the analytical mind

Communicating with sensitivity and compassion is key, as people may be more likely than usual to take things personally and react defensively. Increasing the potential for reactivity, Mercury tightly squares Chiron at 2° Aries and opposes Saturn at 6° Capricorn, forming a stressful t-square. Challenging communications are possible, and we want to be conscious of and take responsibility for the power of our words to harm or to heal. Deep-seated pain could stir up the wounds of our inner child. Rather than retreating into our shells or striking out, we’re advised to keep our hearts open to the opportunity to resolve old issues.

Mercury’s opposition to Saturn (exact on June 15) suggests that we may need to make an important decision or take committed action. With Mercury in Cancer, these decisions could be related to family or other close relationships, home or real estate. While Mercury/Saturn can help us to think realistically about circumstances, there’s also a potential for negative or overly critical thinking, cynicism, or judgment.

New Moons typically support initiating new projects or life directions, but a strong emphasis on retrograde planets at this lunation indicates otherwise. It seems to be more about discerning what’s true and real in our lives, healing from the past, and shifting our perceptions and stories so we can more easily move forward when the timing is right.

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