• Express Yourself
  • July 22 2021

Sun in Leo

Cancer Season was a pause for the cause of coming home to self, which can now be readily expressed as the Sun moves into the mascueline, fixed Fire sign of Leo. With our galaxy star transiting supreme in it’s sign of rulership from July 22nd through August 22nd, Leo Season provides the opportunity for pride and playfulness to shine. A transit that brings with it a major increase in confidence and creativity. Leo and the Sun rule the 5th house in astrology, where our individual talents and gifts can be expressed from a place of authenticity and childlike joy.

The day after the ingress, the Sun in Leo opposes the Moon at 0° of Aquarius, for the first of two rare Aquarius Full Moons that will be occurring during the season of the Star. The second Aquarius Full Moon will be on August 22nd, the last day of the season. Both Leo and Aquarius support the expression of unique individuality, however, the sovereignty of Leo desires the attention of center stage alone, while Aquarius encourages the display to be in a collaborative effort with the collective. This opposition between the Me and the We offers an opportunity to embrace the warmth and generosity of Leo, and encourages the process of connection. As a heart centered sign, the attributes of strength and courage found in the Leo native, can come forth through the challenge of this lunation. Not once, but twice will the opportunity arise. This will be of benefit since Leo loves accolades, and can have a tendency to withdraw into self pity when feeling unnoticed or unloved. The dual Full Moons, combined with a harmonious connection to a retrograde Chiron in the fellow Fire sign of Aries on August 4th, are excellent events to aid in overcoming any insecurities, and to embrace true self-acceptance.

On July 27th, Mercury will ingress into the sign of Leo. With the planet of communication in the Fire sign of sovereignty, avoiding boisterous conversations could be challenging. The higher vibration of this transit allows an ability to tap into the authentic truth and speak from the heart. On August 1st, the Sun will conjunct Mercury at 9° of Leo, and they will oppose Saturn in the sign of Aquarius. This tense aspect is a time when the story we tell about who we are and what we think could meet with societal restrictions in regards to how it relates to the future at large..   Mercury will create a Fire trine to the Wounded healer, Chiron, at 12° of Aries on August 2nd, allowing us to release attachment to outcome, and stay steadfast in faith. By connecting with the truth of our inner child, the strength of personal integrity can be purged.

The New Moon occurs on August 8th at 16° of Leo, with the Sun and the Moon congruently creating a square to Uranus, in the fixed Earth sign of Taurus, A new lunar cycle that serves to cultivate creativity and provoke a radical approach to achieving personal goals. Strength of character can soar under the influence of this tense aspect to the innovative planet Uranus. .A desire to create changes in areas of romance and financial resources may surface, And by the time of the second Full moon in Aquarius, our personal expressions of individuality can combine with the big picture plan, if we can resist the urge to move forward prematurely.

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