• Feeling Lighthearted
  • August 07 2020

Venus in Cancer

After her four-month-long stint in airy Gemini, Venus moves into watery Cancer from August 8th to September 7th. Over this next month, the way you love will transition from intellectual and slightly detached to tender, caring, and devoted – but make sure you don’t let your emotional highs and lows get the better of you!

Venus speaks to what and how you love, what you’re attracted to, and what kind of relationships you’re drawn to. During Venus’ transit in Cancer, you’ll feel a longing for a deeper emotional connection in your relationships, which can turn possessive at times.

Even though Cancer is a very nurturing sign, an increase in sensitivity may make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. Remember to stay centred and grounded when you do feel these fluctuations; this is extremely important as Cancer has a tendency to turn cold, retreat, and put on its hard exterior when it feels unsafe (just like a crab)!

You may also find that you suddenly have a longing to play house with your partner, as your focus is turned to family life and the home. In contrast to Venus in Gemini, which can be a little bit fickle, Venus in Cancer brings with it attachment and dedication. The way you care for your partner becomes very affectionate, and can even take on an almost motherly quality.

From around September 1st to the 4th, Venus forms a T-square with Mars in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn. This ignites tension between wanting to be independent and fiery, wanting to take care of everyone else and sit in your emotions, and wanting to go to work and take care of your responsibilities. It is even more important that you look towards your inner balance and peace during this transit in order to bring harmony to these conflicting energies.