Full Moon January 12 2017

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Full Moon January 12 2017

Questioning Beliefs
January 12 2017

A dynamic Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 3:33 am on the 12th.  At the time of this lunation, the Cancer Moon opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, squares Jupiter in Libra, and also squares Uranus, Ceres, and Eris in Aries. This cardinal grand cross increases our impatience and assertiveness, which can lead to rash decisions and impulsive actions. The challenge is to harness the powerful energies of this grand cross and use them in a disciplined, purposeful way. To benefit from this configuration, we will need to exhibit patience and cooperation, instead of believing we can do it all without careful planning.  It is an encouragement from the planetary alignments to get our house in balance emotions and practicalities lets make sure we are getting enough closeness and community of gentleness and inspiration and opportunity to break out of existing patterns.

This grand cross will enforce us to find balance and stability which can then end up becoming quite powerful. The Moon in Cancer wants nurturing and security and do whatever it takes to find your own comfort zone in order to find your stability. The Sun and Pluto in Capricorn creates a strong pull to the moon in Cancer, and Capricorn is being real having a strategy and plan doing the work occasionally to the point where we may neglect our emotional selves. The Moon square Uranus finds means we might find it extremely hard to feel stable. There wounds of early childhood trauma may surface. The most obvious interpretation of this aspect is abandonment from the mother. Moon square Jupiter brings more risk taking into the Full Moon equation. This Full moon square Jupiter will have something to teach, but also to preach. It has strong opinions on pretty much everything, leading to the collective getting tired of judgmental attitudes.  

Less than three hours after the Full Moon, the lens through which we view reality changes, when Mercury enters stabilizing Capricorn at 6:03 am. on Thursday. This change of signs can help us to see recent developments from a more detached perspective and also help us to base our decisions on a cautious appraisal of our options The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 23° Cancer reinforces the need to apply deliberate and intelligent thought to current events: “The meeting of a literary society: an objective and critical approach to the common factors in our culture and to its psychological problems.”

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