Full Moon February 11 2017

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Full Moon February 11 2017

Ignite Your Passion
February 11 2017

Full Moon 10th of February in 22 degrees Leo is a lunar eclipse. The number 22 is about bring your dreams into reality. Leo represents your heart and love energy, how you connect with yourself and the Sun in Aquarius is about your connection with the broader society. This sun moon opposition is part of a mystic rectangle aspect pattern which links the eclipse with Jupiter opposite Uranus at 21º/23º Aries/Libra. These planets are in fire and air signs which is a lot about action and change.  

There is also a grand fire trine with the moon, Uranus and Saturn at the apex. It represents a good balance between our emotions, discipline and our desire fro freedom. If we can get in tune with what makes you passionate. The trine brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius. At this eclipse the more outlandish people behave, the more popular they become. Its time to get out there into the world and stop making excuses for yourself and hiding away. It is a very uplifting energy, it may show you where you have been drawn into negativity and you will feel this heaviness of negativity during this full moon. Leo also represents children and our own self expression so its good to get back to what we loved as children and learn to play again. Its time to bring magic into your life and stop being inhibited by fear and worrying what other people think. 

Sun sextile Uranus creates brilliant, visionary situations and the courage to break through conventions. The imagination of Moon sextile Jupiter is expansive and pioneering, inspired by overseas or inner travel. The eclipse energy will still support the roots though, no matter how far afield we might voyage. There is strong sense of justice in the air and we need to look at how fair some laws are. Reforms in the law could be made at this time. Sun trine Jupiter gives the foresight to spot talent and potential in apprentices.

Sometimes opening your heart can be painful but this release of energy can renew your energy and give you great healing and joy. The Moon adds a nurturing touch, but also tough-love. Those touched by this Moon will have to risk making short-term, austerity measures for the sake of the long term prosperity. This lunar eclipse is an opportunity to see the little cracks and issues in your life and you can clear out and let go of. Think of ways you can brighten up your life, and then this lunar eclipse

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