Full Moon May 21 2016

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Full Moon May 21 2016

Self Discovery
May 21 2016

This Sagittarius Full Moon shouldnt be overlooked or underestimated: a number of astrological indicators suggests that this is the pivotal turning point, the breakthrough in consciousness that sets up the rest of the story.

  When it comes to Sagittarius, the adventure starts within – in the mind, heart and soul. The vision that gets birthed from longings, ideals and thirst for knowledge is what stirs the archer’s restlessness and urge to roam free; there is no sense of direction, or of purpose, without a clear vision, and there can’t be any drive or motivation to get through the toughest of times when life seems but an order of events. Gemini deals with information; Sagittarius deals with its interpretation. There are the facts, what a camera would record, and there is our personal editorial of that event. What we perceive, believe, and conclude is profoundly colored by our gender and age, education and training, religion and culture.

The Sun closely conjoins the asteroid Vesta (exact on May 23 at 3° Gemini), bringing her mythology to the fore. Named for the Roman goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame, Vesta symbolizes our connection with and commitment to Spirit. In Gemini, Vesta seeks to purify our minds, reminding us that thoughts matter; that what we are thinking, we are both broadcasting and invoking. Vesta’s close alignment with the Sun urges us to honor the power of words, that words can either harm or heal. Venus at 27° Taurus also conjoins the Sun, nudging us to keep our heart open, as well as our mind.

With a supercharged, powerful conjunction between the Moon and Mars, the impulse to run with our dream and bolt for the horizon is going to be hard to ignore and it might jolt us out of our routine and catalyze our journey, prompting us to reconnect to our beliefs and renew our hope through action in the physical world. This Full Moon seems to stress this message of humility, reminding us to pay attention to the practical outcomes we are generating through our commitment to our beliefs and philosophy, and, if this is not enough, there’s the second Sagittarius Full Moon happening in June to drive the message home.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, stations direct at 14° Taurus on May 22 as well, ending its retrograde passage. We’re clearer now about what is really important. But as much as we might believe that we know the whole truth, and that we have gathered enough wisdom to discern how our path will unfold, there’s still more to discover

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