Full Moon March 12 2017

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Full Moon March 12 2017

Breathe New Life
March 12 2017

The Full moon virgo at 22 degrees on March 12th its a very powerful Full moon as the sun in Pisces will want to bring something out into the open. Something deep inside our subconsicous. The Pisces/Virgo axis is all about our health. Virgo is your physical health and Pisces is more about our emotional health. Chiron will also conjoin the Sun and as Chiron has to do with the wounded healer, This will be a chance for some deep healing that can occur during this full moon. The watery sign of Pisces will move any stagnant energy. It is a good opportunity to reflect on your current health situation. Have you been eating well? Have you been indulging too much? Jupiter Retrograde adds to the need to look within to see where we have been over extending ourselves at the expense of our health. Emotionally, have you been neglecting your feelings and how you express yourself?

There is still the T Square between Pluto Jupiter and Uranus that may trigger your fears especially around old wounds. This may include anger, frustration or confrontational people that will seek to bring these issues to the surface. It may make you feel a little unconfortable but its best to use this time to purge any deep fears or issues that may arise. Intense emotional encounters and psychological analysis can lead to positive transformations on the way to peace and harmony.

Venus will be retrograding during this full moon on the 12th which gives you a chance to reevaluate your emotions and how you can express yourself and your emotions in a better way. Moon trine Pluto reveals the answers to your problems by increasing your emotional sensitivity and psychic perception. You will feel things more powerfully and are likely to be transformed by your intense emotional reactions. Someone is likely to move you deeply and have a strong influence on your life. Intense emotional connections may result in new relationships. There would be a strong karmic pull between you and any destiny encounter. Sun trine Pluto provides a more conscious or rational way to find peaceful solution to stressful relationships. It brings intense and deep experiences. Whatever the source of your irritation, you will be driven to research and investigate it so you gain the full understanding of the problem.

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