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Positive Change
New Moon in Aquarius January 24 2020

The New Moon on Friday January 24, 2020 at 04°21′ Aquarius is square Uranus. The Aquarius New Moon brings a blast of fresh air, beyond the shadows of recent eclipses. However, with the Sun and Moon square Uranus, planet of the unexpected, some developments may arrive as searing bolts from the blue, not gentle breezes wafting away the cobwebs! Any fallout you may have to handle, around this Uranus square, could take extra time and energy to manage. With a Uranian-style lightning strike, there may be no denying that something has changed, but taking in all the details of the change requires inner and outer adjustments.

Whilst Aquarius is associated with fairness, we may be quite struck by how unfair a set of circumstances seems. Whether or not we feel motivated or empowered to do anything about it, perhaps its an issue for the longer-term future, since a New Moon often coincides with situations that feel “too early” for clear and confident action. 

Venus square Mars can cause relationship difficulties because of sexual or competitive tension. Anger, a lack of self-control and impulsiveness could easily exacerbate the unpredictable and shocking nature of Uranus. Changes in your personal appearance or attitude could lead to a brave new path that opens your life to many more possibilities and opportunities. This is also a good new moon to break bad habits or addictions.  

If the tornado-like dynamism of Uranus seems too much to cope with at times, we can also take some comfort in knowing that, with the New Moon’s square to Uranus emphasising early degrees of the fixed signs of Aquarius and Taurus, we are really just at the beginning of a new order.

The best way to handle this new moon is with open-mindedness and flexibility. Be proactive about positive change. Work out why you are feeling restless or what is causing the feeling of impending drama and chaos. Mercury sextile Mars gives the fast thinking and the quick reflexes needed to deal with unexpected change. It can make you more driven to succeed at something with a strong sense of purpose and initiative. Venus sextile Jupiter can bring lucky breaks and helps keep things less stressful. Like Mercury sextile Mars, it also brings charisma and charm to relieve relationship tensions. Most of all this harmonious aspect gives warmth, love, and a higher level of understanding.

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