• New Creations
  • August 19 2020

New Moon in Leo

The Leo New Moon falls on August 18-19th and brings strong masculine and mental power. The Moon and Sun are both conjunct Mercury in Leo, the planet of communication and ideas which inspires you to make plans to fulfill your dreams and goals. The Leo Moon also trines Mars in Aries, providing the impetus to get things going. The two signs linked together can bring out a bossy side, yet maybe clear leadership and vision is what is needed. With planets in fire signs, there is more passion and creativity. Its a great time to be inspired with new ventures and projects.

Be aware that Mars is Conjunct the Asteroid Eris also known as the Goddess of discord. The Eris archetype manifests as a reaction to established authority, not necessarily violent, by those who raise issues and speak the truth or don’t bow down to authority. We are also squaring the planets of Saturn and Pluto which can cause you to be overly dominate or possibly even aggression with others. Be careful to go overboard with trying to realize your plans whilst ignoring your own personal harmony, balance and health.

The Moon in Leo has some creative power, providing opportunities for improvements or embellishments. This favourable context may relate to meeting someone special, or to realising more of one’s own, personal talents. Perhaps we simply become more comfy in our own skin and more in tune with our own tastes, especially if we have forgotten how to fully consider our own needs and desires.

With all the outermost planets retrograde (i.e., Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), along with Jupiter and Saturn, we may face decidedly personal issues that require reflection and regrouping more than ever before. With Uranus in Taurus, our sense of security has likely been rocked and we are feeling destabilized at all levels.

Many of us now may feel the passion to start anew, ready to breathe new life into projects, ventures, and relationships. With this Leo New Moon, we are not just breaking up old patterns as we strive to find the shape of a new creation. We must actively set our heart and will upon the creative process. Leo relates to the urges of the heart, and people talk about the willingness to “change in a heartbeat” to something they would prefer.