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The Awakener
Jupiter Opposition Uranus January 2017 ~ The Awakener

With the Sun entering Libra, we strive to become more adaptable, kind, well balanced, and a love for order and harmony. Refined, courteous, filled with good taste. You want to desire the finer things in life. It is great to spend time with others to feel at your best, friendships and partnerships mean a great deal to you. There is more of a need for constant physical and mental stimulation, although occasional solitude is required for balance. Loyalty and a need to please others ensures you love and affection. You should try to possess a strong sense of fair play and not try bend the rules a little for your own ends. On the negative side, you may feel changeable, lazy, ostentatious, vain, sentimental or easily influenced. Stick to your decisions and take action. Watch out for egoism and brooding. The mind needs to be encouraged to exercise its judicial function because this aptitude is your greatest asset for success in life. 

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