Free Astrological Monthly Horoscope by date of birth for February 2017

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Monthly Horoscope Events for February 2017

Solar Eclipse in Pisces - Feb 26 2017 ~ Get Creative

Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse falls in the intuitive and watery sign of Pisces on February 26th. Pisces energy is all about inner reflection, intuition and higher consciousness. This is a wonderful energy that will join us for the months ahead, making it a perfect time to think about your spirituality and the deeper meaning behind your life.

This Solar Eclipse is the first of the year and is going to set the tone and energy for the months ahead. In fact, whatever energy transpires on this Eclipse is likely to create a theme that will last until the next Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings. Whatever emotions or events were stirred earlier this month are likely to melt away and shift in a new direction as February draws to a close.

This Eclipse is dominated by the spiritual planet Neptune in Pisces. It can bring hope of a brighter future. Good fortune and lasting happiness come from the stars in this region of the sky. Sun conjunct Neptune increases our sensitivity, intuition and empathy. There is great difficulty holding onto the ego. Boundaries between ourselves and others can dissolve. It is good to set some boundaries in your close relationships to avoid any manipulation or deceit. This is especially important for people with health issues to do with immunity and people who are prone to addiction and escapism. Moon conjunct Neptune increases your emotionally sensitivity. With conscious self-awareness provided by the Sun, you can filter out any background noise and use your sensitivity for good.

Mars conjunct Uranus makes these minor aspects even more like squares. This increases the danger of over reaction, rebellion and greed spoiling the other benefits from the Neptune eclipse. This aspect makes freedom fighters and activists. It will campaign for liberation in all forms, but probably mostly in the area of sexuality. Neptune shows how we rise above physical limitations. Spiritual development involves feeling more at one with people around you and with life in general. There is something scary about stepping into the unknown but the positive side of Neptune will be more noticeable following this solar eclipse.

This eclipse has the potential to be extremely euphoric and inspiring. It really depends on what you make of it. This kind of energy doesn’t do well in idle hands! Pick up a guitar, paintbrush or keyboard and get creative

Full Moon in Leo - Feb 11 2017 ~ Ignite Your Passion

Full Moon

Full Moon 10th of February in 22 degrees Leo is a lunar eclipse. The number 22 is about bring your dreams into reality. Leo represents your heart and love energy, how you connect with yourself and the Sun in Aquarius is about your connection with the broader society. This sun moon opposition is part of a mystic rectangle aspect pattern which links the eclipse with Jupiter opposite Uranus at 21º/23º Aries/Libra. These planets are in fire and air signs which is a lot about action and change.  

There is also a grand fire trine with the moon, Uranus and Saturn at the apex. It represents a good balance between our emotions, discipline and our desire fro freedom. If we can get in tune with what makes you passionate. The trine brings to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius. At this eclipse the more outlandish people behave, the more popular they become. Its time to get out there into the world and stop making excuses for yourself and hiding away. It is a very uplifting energy, it may show you where you have been drawn into negativity and you will feel this heaviness of negativity during this full moon. Leo also represents children and our own self expression so its good to get back to what we loved as children and learn to play again. Its time to bring magic into your life and stop being inhibited by fear and worrying what other people think. 

Sun sextile Uranus creates brilliant, visionary situations and the courage to break through conventions. The imagination of Moon sextile Jupiter is expansive and pioneering, inspired by overseas or inner travel. The eclipse energy will still support the roots though, no matter how far afield we might voyage. There is strong sense of justice in the air and we need to look at how fair some laws are. Reforms in the law could be made at this time. Sun trine Jupiter gives the foresight to spot talent and potential in apprentices.

Sometimes opening your heart can be painful but this release of energy can renew your energy and give you great healing and joy. The Moon adds a nurturing touch, but also tough-love. Those touched by this Moon will have to risk making short-term, austerity measures for the sake of the long term prosperity. This lunar eclipse is an opportunity to see the little cracks and issues in your life and you can clear out and let go of. Think of ways you can brighten up your life, and then this lunar eclipse

Jupiter Retrograde in Libra - Feb 05 2017 until Jun 09 2017 ~ Finding Your Purpose


Jupiter will turn retrograde in Libra on the 5th of February and remain retrograde until June 9th. Unlike other retrograde planets, Jupiter retrograde 2017 is can be quite lucky and its an important time for achieving growth and contentment in a particular area of life that is important to you now. This is especially true for what house Jupiter is currently transiting. Unexpected good fortune is at hand with work, travel, education or a new relationship. Whatever your hopes for the future may be, this years Jupiter retrograde is an opportunity towards finding new ways to live out your dreams. Areas such as excess, greed or addiction could start to dominate and this negative Jupiter behavior may get out of control. In this case, the Jupiter retrograde months will offer a chance to recognize and admit the problem. Things may get so out of control that an intervention or some drastic event must occur in order to shake you out of your complacency. For more ways to find out how to attain your dreams, check out the Luck, Love and Wealth astrology report.

By the time Jupiter stations direct, you should have come to terms with the relevant issues and be prepared for the next phase If things have not worked out as you had hoped then it is important to remember that Jupiter retrograde 2017 is more about inner spiritual growth in preparation for material success like wealth or especially since Jupiter is in Libra, happiness in love. It may be time to adjust your dreams for the future and aim to be happy and content with what you have before chasing more and more.

This may prove more difficult as Uranus opposing Jupiter in Aries likes to act impulsively. Its very important to note where you may be acting purely of superficial desires and not looking enough at the big picture and longer term goals. Jupiter in its essence represents abundance and expansion. Typically, the abundance mentality focuses on the long term. It involves a deep understanding that just because you don’t get to have something right now does not mean you won’t be able to have it later. Skipping a party right now doesn’t mean you will never be able to have a good time again. Someone else getting a raise does not mean you will never get a raise. This is your Green Light from the Universe to go after your heart’s desire. This New Year is offering you the opportunity to plant your seeds in the fertile ground of forward movement. Take advantage to this window to start your new business. Take that new job. Get married. Reach for your dreams. Live Your Divine Passion. Ambition is overrated. Passion is better guide to your Joyful living and Thriving. This is creative energy that can change your life is so many positive ways. Be open to change. Be open to new ways of doing things. Experiment. Make a commitment to do something new every day. Drive down a different street. 

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Many astrologers base transits on the movements of the Sun to different houses of your horoscope (see the Houses of the Zodiac). Usually by studying month by month where the Sun will be, we can gain an insight into the upcoming trends fairly accurately leading us to develop monthly horoscopes. These transits of the inner planets when making contact with the other planets will obviously trigger the more important events and this is how we can forecast what and when the important highlights of the year will occur for each star sign.

  • Pluto Transits - Packs a punch, get transformed -rules obsession..
  • Neptune Transits - Dreams, imagination, illusion, delusion.
  • Uranus Transits - Makes other planets function crazily.
  • Saturn Transits - Order, organization, ambition & hard work.
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  • Mars Transits - Plenty of action, energy & aggression.
  • Venus Transits - Pleasure, it makes things easier or lazier.
  • Mercury Transits - Communication, writing or speaking.
  • Moon Transits - Emotions, desires and intuitions.
  • Sun Transits - Attention, creative and hearful.

The rising sign on this free astrology report is different than I expected, why?

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I have a lot of aspects in my chart and I often get contradictory interpretations within the same computerized reading, so it is hard for me to see the overview.

Unfortunately, along with the rise of natal astrology (more or less a 20th century invention) came the assumption that the astrologer (or in this case, the computer) should be able to construct a little essay proclaiming 'what this person is like', without considering that to attempt such a thing is to attempt The Most Difficult Prediction of all, namely, how this or that person has so far expressed the various and contradictory elements at work in his or her psyche. What you usually end up with is a very gray average picture of the human being. The 'average' is a mythical entity. There is always more going on than we consciously realise. Individually, human beings are bundles of contradictions. Some charts are glorious, and some are real monstrosities. An 'astrology of imperatives' (the idea that one has a cosmic purpose to fulfill as depicted in the birth chart) acknowledges this and encourages us to take our cosmic remit to the highest levels expression, rather than settling for the 'average' expression, whatever that is. Each planet is a different 'organ of the psyche'. The heart does not perform the same function as the liver. Another feature of these computer generated reports is the inclusion of so-called 'minor aspects' (semi-square, ses-square, etc.), which were invented by Kepler in the 17th century and do not form part of traditional astrology, but have been included here because users expect them. You can ignore these if you wish.