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Transit Saturn Square Chiron in Sag-Pisces - Jan 14 2017 until Nov 02 2017 ~ Healing Old Wounds

Saturn Square Chiron

Saturn is starting a 9 month square to Chiron, since the end of December Saturn in the last 10 degrees of Sagittarius begins the square to Chiron in Pisces. The first pass happens on December 28, 2016, while Saturn is direct at 21º Sagittarius and Chiron is at 21º Pisces. If you have any planet in 21º of a Mutable sign you will really feel this aspect. The second pass happens on April 30, 2017, while Saturn is retrograde and Chiron is direct and both are at 27º of their signs. The third pass is where this transit ends, on November 2, 2017.

According to the myth, Chiron did not become a healer because he was wounded. That is an optimistic reinterpretation which attempts to make sense of life's pain by assigning it a specific purpose and meaning - to develop the compassion and wisdom to heal others because of one's own pain. This reinterpretation of the myth is valid as a way of working with one's own wounds. But Chiron's pain serves no such noble purpose in the story. He is already a teacher and a healer, before he is wounded.  Chiron represents the wise animal, a natural power which of its own volition has chosen to serve human evolution and consciousness. Chiron turns his back on the savagery of his instinctual nature, in order to serve the evolutionary pattern which he deems to be the way forward for the whole of life. Chiron is an image of that in us which has been wounded unfairly by life, and by inescapable conditions which reflect failings and flaws in a collective psyche which is unfailingly clumsy in its efforts to progress.

 Chiron is an image of that in us which has been wounded unfairly by life. Such collisions with the inescapable flaws of the collective can leave us full of bitterness and cynicism. We may punish others because we feel maimed, wounded and irredeemable. Or we may punish ourselves. But we can progress beyond this black bile of bitterness but by accepting the limits of mortal existence.

 There are many stages in the process which Chiron represents, beginning with his wounding, and ending with his transformation into mortality and his release from suffering. These stages encompass rage, fury, the desire to injure others, bitter resignation, self-pity, feelings of victimisation, and, at last, the dawning of a wish to understand the universal patterns that lie beyond one's personal pain.

  Saturn in Sagittarius is calling us to talk the talk and walk the walk, to live our own beliefs and philosophies. Self Love and Acceptance is a key overcomming the challenges to this aspect. Unfortunately alot of us consicously or unconsciously go through periods of self sabotage where we use other people for our own success or bend over backwards to be want others want us to be so were can be accepted in society. Saturn squaring Chiron will test us if we continue to accede to other peoples desires in the face of our own personal truth. With our current state of living in virtual realities such as social media, eating too much processed foods and giving our individuality up to the corporate,governmental and religious instituitions, humanity is starting to lose its touch with its roots. This is the start of a readjustment of reaching for more higher moral and ethically reasons, its time to wake up and realise the potential of your own personal destiny.

Full Moon in Cancer - Jan 12 2017 ~ Questioning Beliefs

Full Moon

A dynamic Full Moon in Cancer occurs at 3:33 am on the 12th.  At the time of this lunation, the Cancer Moon opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, squares Jupiter in Libra, and also squares Uranus, Ceres, and Eris in Aries. This cardinal grand cross increases our impatience and assertiveness, which can lead to rash decisions and impulsive actions. The challenge is to harness the powerful energies of this grand cross and use them in a disciplined, purposeful way. To benefit from this configuration, we will need to exhibit patience and cooperation, instead of believing we can do it all without careful planning.  It is an encouragement from the planetary alignments to get our house in balance emotions and practicalities lets make sure we are getting enough closeness and community of gentleness and inspiration and opportunity to break out of existing patterns.

This grand cross will enforce us to find balance and stability which can then end up becoming quite powerful. The Moon in Cancer wants nurturing and security and do whatever it takes to find your own comfort zone in order to find your stability. The Sun and Pluto in Capricorn creates a strong pull to the moon in Cancer, and Capricorn is being real having a strategy and plan doing the work occasionally to the point where we may neglect our emotional selves. The Moon square Uranus finds means we might find it extremely hard to feel stable. There wounds of early childhood trauma may surface. The most obvious interpretation of this aspect is abandonment from the mother. Moon square Jupiter brings more risk taking into the Full Moon equation. This Full moon square Jupiter will have something to teach, but also to preach. It has strong opinions on pretty much everything, leading to the collective getting tired of judgmental attitudes.  

Less than three hours after the Full Moon, the lens through which we view reality changes, when Mercury enters stabilizing Capricorn at 6:03 am. on Thursday. This change of signs can help us to see recent developments from a more detached perspective and also help us to base our decisions on a cautious appraisal of our options The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 23° Cancer reinforces the need to apply deliberate and intelligent thought to current events: “The meeting of a literary society: an objective and critical approach to the common factors in our culture and to its psychological problems.”

Transit Jupiter Opposition Uranus in Aries-Libra - Jan 06 2017 until Aug 23 2017 ~ The Awakener

Jupiter Opposition Uranus

Jupiter opposition Uranus is like the thank the lord aspect as it can suddenly change your luck, everything can turn around in any moment. It is the energy of an awakening something inside of you and your luck can change overnight. As Jupiter is in Libra it is more focused, release from feeling restricted. Discover what makes you excited and inspired. It is an opportunity to connect to the source of life. It is a time of great tension but there can be a release of of the chains and elevate you to the next level, relations with self (Aries) and relations with others (Libra) others can change dramatically and unexpectantly. All of the sudden you can meet someone either a relationship, friendship or new business partner. It can bring peace within ourselves or peace with others. It is exact on the 27th December 2016, March 7th 2017 and September 27th 2017. It can also bring fated encounters. This aspect could encourage promiscuity. Uranus opposition Jupiter in Libra aspect can manifest that way because it loves to break with tradition and Jupiter in Libra is already looking for an abundance of relationships.

Major breakthroughs in science occur at this aspect, so with this next occurrence, we are in store for lots of recent discoveries coming to light. The special thing is, there have been a lot of recent discoveries since 2003 ( the previous time we had Jupiter opposition Uranus), and what will be revealed will be a lot more in general, and a lot more revolutionary. Aries is power and initiation, that means energy. Likely we will see new energy systems which will liberate the individual and give us more flexibility and adaptability with which to meet the world. Many of these discoveries are already known to many scientists throughout the world, but the opposition to Jupiter causes them to be broadcast to the general population where they become common knowledge.

Jupiter in an air sign and Uranus in a fire sign so these energies are very outgoing and far reaching. But these energies are very egotistical so try to get out of your own way to allow the deeper changes to take place. Opportunity to see your life from a new perspective Uranus is the higher mind that maintains connecting to source energy. what can you do that takes you out of your rigidity that can catapult you into something new.

This new paradigm is going to come as quite a shock to many people and this could really cause some upset in relationships. The status quo will change, but it won’t go quietly. The added Jupiter square Pluto means challenges and revolt along the way. A whole new, electrical awareness enters your perspective. It’s like a light turns on inside of your head. It is a very spiritual experience in the sense that you get in touch with your higher self (Uranus) and suddenly make more room for your higher self in your life. It is a very liberating time. A renaissance for Jupiter and Libra.

Multiple references used and sources include Planets in Aspect: Understanding Your Inner Dynamics and Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for Living

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