AstroMatrix Tarot Deck


Now includes 48 page mini guide with 9 diverse and intuitive tarot spreads to try out!

Introducing the Tarot Deck that bridges tradition and innovation! Dive deep into a fusion of styles inspired by original tarot card illustrations, while honoring the revered symbols of classic tarot. Encased in a durable two-piece box, each sturdy matte card is a canvas of evocative colors and profound symbolism, designed for intuitive readings. Beyond tradition, every card is enriched with astrological zodiac signs, planets, and elemental cues. For the modern seeker, a unique QR code graces each card, unlocking detailed readings on the Astromatrix App. Chronicle your journey, as the app lets you save, journal, and revisit every reading from past to future. Marrying age-old wisdom with today's tech, this deck fosters a harmonious connection between tarot, astrology, and spirituality, with bonus insights on the AstroMatrix app. Elevate your tarot experience with the perfect blend of the ancient and the avant-garde.

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