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My name is Mark Lilly, I am one of the founders of and I am a professional Astrologer with a broad,universal and holistic approach. I have over 8 years experience doing personal readings and I use astrology as a vehicle to assist individuals in understanding their inner pysche.

Astrology is a fantastic tool, to assist personal development and to guide the timing of significant life actions. My goal is to help you achieve better insight into yourself and your current life situation, so you can make more informed decisions and live more consciously.

If all you know about astrology is your zodiac-sign (i.e., the sign where the Sun was traveling on the day of your birth), you've been missing out on the profound illuminating power that your full astrological birthchart holds.

To calculate your birthchart for our consultation, I use the specific details of your birth (birthdate, place, and exact time) to create a map of where the planets were when you were born. This provides a basic blueprint of the potentials intrinsic to your personality, the fortuitous gifts and inner conflicts (which, of course, it's up to you to actualize). I also look at where the planets are now, and how their current positions trigger certain dynamics in your birthchart. This shows me what's currently going on in your life, what auspicious growth opportunities or challenging circumstances are likely to arise in specific areas, such as relationships, career, money, family and home life.

I record all readings which are emailed to you after for future reference and study. You will be contacted after you purchase a reading to schedule the time of consultation. ( Not applicable for the 30 minute Recording ) I am located in Berkeley, California

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Yearly Astrology Transformation 30 Minute Audio Recording What you get with this special Astrology Report.
  • A personalized 30 minute audio recording.
  • Synopsis of your current transit planets.
  • The house placements of planets in your chart outlining any problematic issues
  • Possible opportunities with planet aspects.
  • Find out important dates this year that can be a cataylst for relationships, career opportunites and health considerations.
  • How the Jupiter Square Pluto Opposition to Uranus will affect you.
  • How the Saturn Square Chiron Aspect can be utilized to heal any old wounds and outdated behavior patterns.
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The 1 hour Life Path Reading

This reading covers a vast range of topics such as your career potentials, relationship problems as well focusing upon transits during your life that can transform your way of being.

Now $60

2 hour Life Path and Transits Reading

This extended reading covers a vast range of topics in more detail such as your career potentials, relationship problems as well focusing upon transits during your life that can transform your way of being.

Now $100

The 1 hour Solar Return Reading

This reading is usually done around someones birthday so can be a great gift idea. It focuses upon the next 12 month period drawing on the past as a guide to how to make the most of upcoming potentials for wealth, prosperity and peace of mind.

Now $60

The Relationship Reading

This reading is usually done specifically for 2 people and covers each others dynamics personally and how you interact with each other. It can help guide you through relationship problems and deciding whether you are truely meant for each other.

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The Saturn Return Reading

This reading is usually done around the Saturn return when someone turns 28 or 56. It is good to see where you have come in the past 14 odd years and where you may end up in the future including what goals to best focus upon..

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