Tarot Card Guide

At the moment we are working on a printable ebook which will have all the card information in a book format. For now you can find extensive information by scanning the codes on the backs of each deck or follow the link below to the website with a complete list of all the cards.

See all Tarot Card information

You can also find the list of all the cards in the AstroMatrix app learn section. We sincerely hope you enjoy the cards and let us know at feedback@astromatrix.org for any suggestions or feedback

Astrology & Zodiac Dice Guide

Thanks for purchasing the AstroMatrix Zodiac & Astrology Dice set. These set of 3 dice allows an extra level of divination both for when doing astrology readings or tarot readings. Whilst we are still developing more sophisticated ways to utilize the dice in different scenarios, the following few ideas may help you be able to start to use them effectively with your readings. If you are unsure of the symbols on the dice, the AstroMatrix app learn section provides extensive information on these.

  1. You can use the 3 dice together or separately, the dice with the numbers 1 - 12 is great for identifying an astrological house of focus or house in your chart that may need more awareness or focus. It could also be used to associate with some of the Major arcana numbers or the suit numbers 1 - 10 ( 1 being the Ace ) 
  2. The planetary dice and zodiac dice can give more insight into problematic signs or planets that you may need to look at or focus on in your birth chart.
  3. They also can be used alongside Tarot readings. Perhaps a reading you did is a bit confusing or needs more clarification as to what energies to focus on. By rolling the dice alongside your reading you can pick up any connections between the symbols and numbers on the dice as well as your cards. If there are no connections you can roll again until you find the connections between the cards you are searching for.

Thanks again for your support if you have further questions or suggestions for different ways to use the dice let us know by emailing us at feedback@astromatrix.org