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Important Astrology Events

New Moon in Taurus

As the New Moon gracefully emerges in the serene sign of Taurus, it invites us to uncover the profound psychological sig...

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Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius

My dear seeker of wisdom, let us delve into the mystical realm of Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius and unravel the profound ...

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Mars in Aries

As Mars transits through Aries, its influence is potent and direct, being in the sign it rules. This period energizes ou...

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Venus in Taurus

As Venus transits through Taurus, its influence becomes profoundly tactile and affectionate, favoring expressions of lov...

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Full Moon in Scorpio

A witchy, deep and intense Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky on April 24th. It’s a culmination of the energies init...

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Sun in Taurus

With Taurus season beginning on April 19th, your approach to life is marked by determination, practicality, reliability,...

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Solar Eclipse in Aries

As the celestial dance unfolds, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in fiery Aries emerges, igniting the deepest corners of our s...

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Venus in Aries

With Venus in Aries, you embody an impulsive, passionate, and bold romantic energy. Craving constant variety, you thrive...

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Mercury Retrograde in Aries

It’s the very first retrograde of the year, happening in the very first sign of the zodiac, at the very start of a new m...

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April Monthly Horoscope

Its the very first retrograde of the year, happening in the very first sign of the zodiac, at the very start of a new mo...

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Pallas Retrograde in Sagittarius

The retrograde motion of Pallas in Sagittarius offers a profound and intricate journey into the self, far beyond the sup...

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Lunar Eclipse in Libra

As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse radiates its ethereal glow in the harmonious sign of Libra, a profound psychological sign...

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Mars in Pisces

With Mars moving into Pisces from March 22nd, the dynamic of our assertiveness takes a noticeable turn. In Pisces, Mars ...

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Sun in Aries

As the Sun enters Aries on March 19th, it heralds the astrological New Year, imbuing us with the pioneering spirit of Ar...

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Venus in Pisces

As Venus transitions into the emotive realm of Pisces, our collective emotional landscape undergoes a profound transform...

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