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Important Astrology Events

Sun in Aries

As the Sun enters Aries on March 19th, it heralds the astrological New Year, imbuing us with the pioneering spirit of Ar...

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Venus in Pisces

As Venus transitions into the emotive realm of Pisces, our collective emotional landscape undergoes a profound transform...

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New Moon in Pisces

It’s said that the longest journey is the one we take to get from the head to the heart. The journey from the Last New M...

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Mercury in Aries

When Mercury transits through Aries, the pace of our thoughts and communications accelerates, emphasizing a more direct ...

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March Monthly Horoscope

In this celestial narrative, March ignites our thoughts with urgency, pushing us towards swift, inventive actions, while...

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Full Moon in Virgo

February 24th’s Full Moon in Virgo brings to life the themes birthed in the middle of September 2023. It's the cli...

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Mercury in Pisces

The upcoming Mercury transit into Pisces, which begins on February 23rd, is expected to bring about a significant shift ...

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Sun in Pisces

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces on February 18th, ushering in a period marked by heightened empathy, sensitivity, and ...

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Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius encourages you to embrace your individuality, express your love and values in unconventional ways, and...

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Mars in Aquarius

The upcoming Mars transit in Aquarius promises to bring a series of dynamic and transformative energies to our lives. Ma...

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New Moon in Aquarius

‘Tis truly the age of Aquarius, with a grand total of four planets in the sign of the Water Bearer during this New Moon....

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Mercury in Aquarius

As Mercury transits through Aquarius, you'll find that your intellect is uniquely strengthened, granting you a quick and...

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February Monthly Horoscope

In the cosmic theater of February, Aquarius takes the spotlight, endowing minds with exceptional intellect and transform...

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Full Moon in Leo

A dramatic, larger-than-life Full Moon steals the cosmic show on January 25th. Bringing to culmination the intentions ki...

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Venus in Capricorn

On January 23rd, as Venus enters Capricorn, the energy shifts towards a more disciplined, responsible, and pragmatic app...

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