Mars square the Ascendant indicates that you show not moderation in asserting yourself. When you feel the urge to take action about something important, you usually do so without polish or refinement. When you act this way, people resent it and find you offensive. You seem to enjoy watching people become upset by your display of bad manners. You delight in putting people on the defensive and watching them squirm as you antagonize them with your tirades. You admire people who can translate their capabilities into financial gain. But if you are willing to endure the self-denial and sacrifice required, you can accomplish the same thing.
Mars Square Ascendant Symbols
Tarot Cards that are connected to Mars Square Ascendant
These are some Tarot cards that are connected Mars Square Ascendant. It is interesting to note similarities between each card such as the objects and ideas pictured and the colors that are used. One aspect that is particular interesting about the Osho Tarot Deck is its use of color and interesting symbolic concepts.. These symbols give us understanding into underlying ideas and thought patterns that can be used for meditation. The Inner Guide Meditation connects astrology to the tarot with amazing practical meditation exercises to expand your awareness.

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