Sun Sextile Ascendant

The Sun sextile the Ascendant shows that it is easy for you to express yourself. You project your ego with finesse and articulate skill, so that when you speak people are usually attentive. You have an authoritative manner, and what you say adds to your credibility. Because you feel warmly disposed to people in general, you expect them to feel comfortable in your company. Your youthful outlook enables you to enjoy everyone, regardless of age, and it allows them to relate easily to you. Your magnetic charm encourages the people you know to do favors for you, because you have convinced them that you don't want anything from them. You have a breezy disposition and an infectious sense of humor. A good conversationalist, you always have topics to discuss that liven up a social gathering. You are inclined to become restless in your career because you may think that you haven't been given the opportunity to demonstrate your creative potential. Without realizing it, you sometimes appear so sure of yourself that your superiors feel threatened about their own jobs. The fact that you have a wealth of ideas to draw on also makes them uncomfortable. You hate to think that you are being 'used' by others for their exclusive benefit, but you should refrain from expressing this thought carelessly. Your way with people is charming and delightful. You excel in making social contacts that can be helpful, but you rarely want anything from those you care for except sincere friendship. You insist on being honest and frank with everyone you deal with. Subterfuge and deceit are intolerable to you. If these tactics are used in a relationship, you sever further relations with those involved, and thereafter it is almost impossible for them to regain your lost confidence.

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These are Animals that have traits that make it similar to Sun Sextile Ascendant. Animals have a profound effect on our subconscious and many traditions know how we are drawn to certain animal types. Notice the similarities between these animals like what family they belong, how many legs they have, whether the swim,run or fly. The Animal Wise Tarot is an amazing resource on the deeper aspects of animal symbolism. Click on the animal that connects to you the most to find out more about them.

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These are Tarot cards that have some aspects that connect it to Sun Sextile Ascendant. It is interesting to note similarities between each card such as the objects and ideas pictured and the colors that are utilized. One aspect that is particular interesting about the Osho Tarot Deck is its use of geometric patterns and how they usually have connections as you can see below. This helps give us understanding into these patterns and can be used for meditation. Use The Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century to get more of an idea of how to use astrology and tarot in meditation