New Moon in Capricorn January 17 2018


New Moon in Capricorn January 17 2018

Fueled By Passion
January 17 2018

The first New Moon of 2018 on January 17th features six planets in Capricorn, challenging us to take charge and commit to a course of action. As the last of the earth signs, the Saturn ruled Goat is a powerful manifester and master builder, and with so much potential for crystallizing our intentions into form, we want to be conscious about what we’re calling in. We might feel like we’re standing at a crossroads, under pressure to make the right decision. But what we commit to is less important than our motivation. If we’re motivated by fear, we won’t feel good about the end result, even if we reach our goal.

Capricorn rules both fear and authority. This New Moon calls us to reconnect with our inner authority and reclaim our power to be the directors of our lives. If our energy has become scattered, if we’ve been engaging in activities that aren’t aligned with our goals, it’s time to pull back and root down into our essence. A strong connection with our source will help us to make decisions that are in integrity with our authentic self. Its a great time to make a list of your deepest desires, Rather than focusing solely on what you want to create, your desired outcome or goal, how do you want to feel while working toward that goal? How do you want to feel when you achieve it?

Mars, in its home sign of watery Scorpio, forms a supportive sextile to the New Moon, helping us to access our deepest feelings and desire nature, while Jupiter in Scorpio precisely sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. The collaboration between Scorpio and Capricorn at the New Moon reminds us that our material goals need to be fueled by our passion — what authentically turns us on rather than what we think we should do.

The New Moon squares revolutionary Uranus, catalyzing energies of chaos and disruption, and requiring that we surrender control The Capricorn part of all of us is learning to master our inner realm rather than trying to make the outer world conform to our judgments of how it should be. While Capricorn can get a bad rap as overly concerned with worldly ambition and material accumulation, its original image as the Horned Goat represents the connection between the physical realm and the waters of consciousness. High-vibration Capricorn is worldly power wedded with an awareness of our inherent diplomacy, power combined with compassion.

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