Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15 2018 - 2/15/2018 1:06:00 PM ~ Self Love

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15 2018

The Aquarius solar eclipse on February 15 occurs at 27° Aquarius is sextile this sign’s ruler, Uranus, reminding us to value our newfound freedom and open our mind to different perspectives. This is a partial South Node eclipse, visible only from Argentina and the snowy depths of Antarctica. Aquarius, the Water Bearer, tends to display cool characteristics with friendly and unattached interest towards fellow humans.

The Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct Mercury and Juno (asteroid of marriage and contracts), and all are square Juno’s partner, This means love and companionship, and health and medicine will be topics of discussion to come from this eclipse. Jupiter in Scorpio may desire greater intimacy, but the Aquarius eclipse suggests that, in our partnerships, we may need to be mindful of blind spots around politics, group dynamics, and intellectual connection. This is a solar eclipse of freedom and choice, with exciting new ideas and technologies to give you a happier, healthier and more enjoyable life.

People in general will feel less inhibited to choose their own independent path in terms of non traditional relationships and family structures. Solar eclipse February 2018 should expose the limitations of arranged marriages and the sexual abuse often associated with them.  

A solar eclipse, especially when connected with the South Node, requires us to let go of something to make space for the new. And the New Moon’s square to Jupiter in Scorpio amplifies its transformational potential. We have support for getting to the root of entrenched patterns. Whatever we’re defending strongly, wherever we’ve become the most “fixed,” is where a lightning bolt of awareness can shatter our old attachments and break us free.

Venus sextile Saturn increases your need for companionship. You will want to feel loved and valued by someone but only serious and true love will do. With an existing partner you will look for reassurance or more commitment. This is the perfect aspect to have with a solar eclipse conjunct asteroid Juno. It means this eclipse phase is ideal for getting engaged and married.  

This is a time for dropping into deeper communion with ourselves. Mercury precisely sextiles Uranus, facilitating communication and cooperation between our lower and higher minds. We are supported in stepping out
of the problems of the moment, and stepping into our inner witness to observe thoughts and reactions. From this expanded awareness, new solutions become available.

Some of your thoughts will turn to companionship and love. Health and medicine are others topics of discussion to come from this eclipse, especially mental health issues and women’s health issues. This eclipse asks us to heal wounds of betrayal and to clear patterns of jealousy, by deepening into self-love — the path of the Leo North Node

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