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Mercury Retrograde in Aries March 2018 - 3/21/2018 10:30:00 PM ~ Impulsive Thinking

Mercury Retrograde in Aries March 2018

The first Mercury retrograde for 2018 starts on March 22nd (21st USA) at 16 degrees Aries. Mercury retrograde in Aries can bring some hot energy, as Aries is a fire and cardinal sign. We can be more impulsive, impatient, wanting to jump into things without thinking, and this can get us in hot water in a flash, or cause some unexpected problems because we didn't think things through.

When Mercury goes retrograde, mistakes, misunderstandings, problems in communication and transportation are likely. Do not sign contracts, nor buy new items, nor begin new projects. It is an excellent time to plan, research, and prepare for something that will happen later.

We do need to be mindful of our tempers, getting into fights and easily frustrated, and an outlet for energy can be key during this retrograde. Keep busy, and focus on something positive to direct the extra energy that can flare up. And be careful of what you say so you don't start a war. Aries enery can be prone to accidents and injuries because of the impulsive energy, so we may see some extra accidents occurring around the world, especially with things where we didn't do our due diligence beforehand.

Don’t make any important moves when Mercury is retrograde. Nothing will be settled successfully for the future during these periods anyway – you will find it nearly impossible to nail down a plan. During a retrograde period, it is hard to get decisions from others. Even if a decision is made, it will be subject to change, either just after Mercury turns to direct motion or much later.

Mercury retrograde periods would not be good times to do anything involving communications, such as launch a magazine, website, or an advertising or publicity campaign. It is a poor time to launch any new projects, even if they are not related to the communications industries.

Similarly, a retrograde period is not a good time to sign any contracts or even to shake hands on any new agreements. Avoid closing on a house during this time nor sign a lease. Verbal agreements are considered the same as written ones. The environment will be quite fluid and changeable, no matter what you are told or what you think

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