• Potent Release
  • August 22 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius


A rare astrological “Blue Moon “occurs on August 22nd at 29 degrees of Aquarius. There are a number of special qualities of this lunation, namely that it’s the second Aquarius Full Moon within a 30-day cycle, earning the Blue Moon title, and that it also occurs at an anaretic degree.

First things first – two Full Moons in the same sign indicate a time when we build on the topics of the first Full Moon. Where we have a “second harvest”, so to speak. This can boost all the Aquarian issues that have come up in a big way throughout this year and some of last year – freedom, humanitarianism, equality, social responsibility and community. The media is reflective of this shift in focus and these issues have become urgent and unavoidable.

In our personal lives, this Full Moon is one that has us reflecting on our own social circles, our duty to society, and our sense of freedom and individuality. We can feel hints of the anxiety from the last Full Moon, but fortunately, because of The Great Benefactor, Jupiter’s proximity, there’s an air of optimism and excitement. Jupiter has retrograded back to Aquarius for a reason, to wrap loose ends up and make sure that we have integrated the lessons we have grappled with this year so far. He’s also making sure that we put our philosophies into practice.

Secondly, Anaretic degrees are the final degrees of any astrological sign, and have an air of urgency and crisis. We need to, collectively, make a final push for release in whichever area of life is reflecting to us as important right now. Anaretic degrees can reflect weakness, where we may be torn in two directions. We will be tempted to take dynamic and decisive action now, but we need to not be too hasty and make sure we take time to consider our options. We need to ask ourselves what it is that we need to let go of, once and for all.  Make no mistake, this is a big Full Moon, and one that will be remembered for a long time to come.  

We may even be able to let go of issues that have been building up for months or even years. There’s a last rush to meet a deadline, and we will all be able to feel it. The world will reflect this energy, too, and it’s likely that there may be more protests and bids for personal freedom versus social responsibility – that’s what Aquarius rules, after all. Where do we stand?

We will, however, need to keep our eyes open and be careful of falling for anything. Mercury opposes Neptune at this Full Moon, perhaps revealing deceptions and misinformation. Much shall be revealed over this time, and we need to pay close attention to our intuition if we want to make the right choices. We could be tempted to be impulsive with the immense urgency that’s around at this time, especially with Mars so close to Mercury. Let’s not leap into decisions just yet and see what this Full Moon brings with it. Let’s cleave closer to our tribe and join hands with our fellow man, rather than developing a God-complex. Aquarius’ shadow can be the know-it-all, and there’s much that we do not know right now that shall be revealed. They don’t say “once in a blue moon” for nothing!

Content by Margarita Celeste