• Cathartic Release
  • October 20 2021

Full Moon in Aries


On October 20th, a powerful and transformative Full Moon in Aries rises. This lunation has themes of power, growth and catharsis attached to it. There are both positive and challenging aspects linked to this Full Moon, all of which can be used to step into the fullest and wisest expression of ourselves.

Aries is the archetypal warrior, the pioneer, the courageous fighter. This is the sign of independence and leadership, of self-assertion and bravery. Opposite to the Libran Sun, this Full Moon can highlight relationship topics, specifically around needing to find a balance between pleasing others and pleasing ourselves.

It may be important, then, to release those relationships or projects initiated either at the Aries New Moon on April 11th of this year or earlier, or to transform them in some way. After all, Pluto is connected to this Full Moon, promising a major purge and catharsis, a reclaiming of power.

But first, we have to surrender. We have to surrender our old, worn-out battles, our anger and our fear of letting go. It’s only when we do so that we will be able to find that sense of evolution and transformation which is the gift of Pluto.

We’ll also need to move past the people-pleasing energy of the ruler of this Full Moon, Mars in Libra. Mars in Libra is like a warrior in peacetime, frustrated and passive. However, his gift is the gift of diplomacy, fairness and justice. Let us keep in mind that the right thing needs to – and will - be done. Karma is here to bring us all more balance and equality in every area of life, and that may require a detoxification.

It’s essential during this Full Moon not to allow our impulses to run away with us. A Moon in Aries is impulsive and reactive, sometimes to our detriment. However, at the same time, Moon in Aries energy is decisive and assertive, qualities important to access at the moment.

Fortunately, we do have wise heads on us during this time, able to make solid long-term decisions about what to let go of. We can attribute this to the Saturn and Mercury trine, bringing seriousness and an understanding of the consequence of our actions. Jupiter is linked to the Sun and Mars via a helpful trine as well, inviting growth and expansion to both ourselves, our relationships and our situations. This planet promises some sort of luck, some ease as we push and strain to release. It’s crucial not to lose our power completely, as Mars in Libra square Pluto can indicate where we could allow our values and integrity be taken from us for the sake of peace.

Honoring the sacred emotion of rage will also be important during this period, as well as embracing the concept that fury can be a cleansing experience, an experience which simply reveals the underlying core of hurt or even fear. Aries is the infant, so let us be as gentle as possible with the vulnerability that is bound to come up during this time.

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