• Emotional Desire
  • October 30 2021

Mars in Scorpio

After Mars conjuncts the Libran sun on October 8th, it heralds a new Mars cycle for the next two and a half years! Libra is a socially orientated sign representing the strive for balance, harmony and justice amongst and between people. With this Mars cycle, we therefore can expect increased tension or potential aggression these next two and a half years related to the imbalance of justice, fairness and equality in a social context, or in our one-on-one relationships.

So when Mars ingresses into Scorpio, on October 30th, the exploration of our social dynamics shift, where relationships, passions and the assertion of that, take on a more intense inward turn.

Mars the planet of war, is also termed the god of innovation and change. It’s about assertion, action and aggression, and in the sign of Scorpio, it can bring smouldering intensity.  Scorpio is the sign of mystery, depth and inner transformation. This fixed water sign holds the passion and stubbornness of Mars, especially since it is in its rulership in Mars.

For the month of November we find a stellium with Mars, the Sun and Mercury all in Scorpio thus intensifying the probing and transformative nature of the scorpionic energy. Your focus around everything will intensify and you may end up losing yourself in the core of the things and situations that trigger you, especially in the context of social rights, or in our close  relationships.

You may not be comfortable initially with asserting yourself, which can create a need for secrecy. It may not be easy making decisions without weighing both sides, requiring you to consider others’ opinions and experiences before taking action.  It is important to be wary of manipulation and attempts at control and power play.

Despite this, you may be more passionate and effusive with energy, and the dynamism of hot-headed Mars may at some point explode within you.

During this period, you may find yourself protective of those you love, bordering on possessive. This means that your feelings and emotions will reach an all-time high, and for those in relationships there may be an increase in sexual passion and emotional intensity.

On November 4th we also have a New Moon in Scorpio which may to stir up unpredictability with Uranus in opposition creating a healthy dose of chaos. For those that gravitate towards maintaining order, this lunar event may feel overly intense and difficult. The challenge is to relinquish control and allow things to unfold as they are needing too.

On November 10th we have a tense Mercury Mars in Scorpio conjunction in a square with Saturn in Aquarius. Here Saturn creates restriction urging us to examine our true inner motives, before moving forward. We are challenged to look within examining what real freedom looks, from a place that serves all parties involved.

Lastly, we have Mars in an opposition to the freedom loving Uranus 17th November. This intense aspect may cause outbursts of impulsive unexpressed anger towards others, especially if they have upset you in the past. Disruptions and nervous irritability may upset your sense of peace, it’s good to have some alone time in nature or use meditation or yoga to calm any anxiety issues. Facing pain or anger honestly and truthfully will allow it to be transformed rather than being repressed which is where the true power of Scorpio lies...


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