Mars in Scorpio


When Mars makes its ingress into Scorpio on October 12th, there's a notable alteration in our exploration of social dynamics. The focus shifts significantly, making relationships, passions, and the way we assert these feelings undergo a deeper, more profound introspection.

Mars, often recognized as the planet symbolizing war, is also referred to as the deity championing innovation and transformative change. Its primary attributes include assertion, active engagement, and sometimes, aggression. When Mars finds its place in Scorpio, the resultant energy can be likened to a smouldering intensity that's hard to ignore. Scorpio stands as the zodiac sign that embodies mystery, unparalleled depth, and an innate capacity for inner transformation. Being a fixed water sign, Scorpio captures and reflects the fervor and obstinate nature of Mars, and this association becomes even more pronounced considering that Scorpio traditionally falls under the rulership of Mars.

For many individuals, the initial stages of this planetary transition may bring about a certain discomfort in asserting oneself. This could manifest as a heightened inclination towards maintaining secrecy. Decision-making might also become a more involved process, where you find yourself consistently weighing the pros and cons, and factoring in the viewpoints and experiences of those around you before choosing a course of action. During these times, one must remain vigilant against tendencies of manipulation and any overt or covert power dynamics that might emerge.

Yet, on the brighter side, this phase might see you brimming with a fervor that's hard to contain. The inherent energy of Mars, often compared to the dynamism of a hot-headed warrior, might reach its boiling point and manifest explosively within you at some juncture.

In the span of Mars' journey through Scorpio, a protective streak might dominate your persona, sometimes even bordering on possessiveness. This suggests that the intensity of your emotions and feelings could reach unparalleled heights. For those who are engaged in romantic relationships, this period might herald a phase characterized by a surge in both sexual passion and emotional bonding.