Mercury in Aquarius


It’s time, once again, for the Messenger planet to be welcomed back into the airy embrace of brilliant Aquarius.  Now that Mercury is out of the sometimes-traditional sign of Capricorn, this planet is prepared for second chances and eager to prove his mental prowess via future-forward thinking. Air is an element well suited to the planet that rules the mind and intellect, and Aquarius is one of those signs bordering on genius. Expect flashes of innovation, glimpses into the future, and big dreams.

Because Aquarius is also the sign associated with community and the ‘people’, this period, is likely to be one in which we merge our own ideas with the greater collective. Where we eagerly carry our opinions into the group and bounce our thoughts around with those who share our same ideals and ways of thinking.

There’s a caveat – Aquarius is a fixed sign, meaning that, for all the open-minded progressiveness of this zodiac sign, there’s also a hint of stubbornness and rigidity. Have you ever told an Aquarius anything? Their usual response is “I know”, followed by a more detailed explanation on the whys and wherefores of your statement. And seldom will you change their fixed opinion.

Speaking of change, one of the first aspects that Mercury makes is a disruptive square to the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. So, almost from the get-go, we are encouraged to break free of rigid thinking and to embrace the new and the unusual, even if it goes against what we originally thought. If we cling to our own perspectives, we may miss out on the remarkable intuition and insight that Uranus is offering us. We might also find ourselves changing our minds often at this time, so it’ll be important not to make any commitments just yet.