• Intellectual Expression
  • April 04 2021

Mercury in Aries

Out of the mystical waters of Pisces emerges a powerful, fiery Mercury in Aries! The messenger planet has vroom and verve in this action-orientated sign and is ready to take on the world with all of the intuitive insights gained when he travelled through intuitive Pisces! 

Mercury in Aries, starting on April 3rd, is very direct, very honest and highly inspired! With this placement, we follow through on our words with action, and we don’t hesitate to say what we want, how we want, when we want.  This can, of course, lead to “foot in mouth” syndrome, but it is a refreshing change and at least we will know where we stand, and where others stand with us, too. Mercury in Aries pioneers and is the first to speak up! Brave, true and authentic, Mercury in Aries is a courageous warrior, daring to go where no one else does. 

As we can imagine, words are spoken quickly here, and we get to the point much faster them when Mercury was in meandering Pisces. Decisions are decided upon fast, sometimes in haste, so a little. A bit of forethought is needed when Mercury is in Aries! His first aspect in this fire sign is a conjunction to the wounded healer, Chiron, on the 9th of April. Here, words do have the power to hurt – or to heal. We always have the choice, and the latter, of course, would be wise! 

Next, he has three consecutive sextiles, on the 10th and 17th of April. These offer opportunities to slow down, to put into action our dreams and wishes. As he first joins with stable Saturn in Aquarius, we are able to structure our innovative and pioneering Aries-like ideals and ground them into reality. Sometimes, Mercury in Aries can be so enthusiastic that we spill over with ideas, shooting them, left, right and center with no sense of needing to follow through! Saturn helps with that follow-through. 

His second sextile, with philosophical Jupiter, on the 17th, is an ideal aspect to pursue studies, to learn something that expand our mind and lends us wisdom and growth. We can brim over with excitement for our decisions at that time, and our words and mind take an even more positive spin! Mercury in Aries is usually upbeat anyway, but with Jupiter, its positivity sparkling! 

On the same day, his third sextile is with the ruler of Aries, Mars. It’s one that we really put our money where our mouth is, and can be even more direct, honest and to the point. However, with this third sextile, we have a problem: Mercury squares intense Pluto on the same day, so we have a grand total of 3 aspects at the same time. 

The idea is to perhaps rely on the two soft sextiles to temper the drama that can come with a Mercury-Pluto square. To use our higher wisdom, and our inner teacher, to guide us through this sticky cosmic moment. Mercury square Pluto is obsessive, to say the least and we may fall down a psychological rabbit hole, unless we allow our inner guru to guide us! 

This will pass quickly, and by the 19th, it’ll all be over, with Mercury entering stable, considered and patient Taurus!