• Intellectual Seclusion
  • March 02 2023

Mercury in Pisces

This placement of Mercury is powerful for creative endeavours of all kinds such as acting, writing, art, poetry, singing, music or humanitarian work.

We may be more sensitive, just, sympathetic, good-humored, poetic, intuitive and imaginative mind, whilst being a little shy and reserved. Self-confidence is lessened in intellectual matters preferring to evaluate situations on the intuitive and imaginative level, feeling your way through our situation rather than reasoning and evaluating events.

On occasion our mind may be overpowered by deep emotional eruptions and to retain balance you will need to seek peace, quiet and seclusion

We are especially attuned to the world of emotion, which colors both our thoughts and our communication style. We guess well, express ourselves with imagery, and make decisions intuitively. We are more attracted to consciousness-raising information. We will be more prone to fear and fantasy, be careful not to let your emotions become toxic or overly negative given the current situation in the world it can be quite difficult.

Useful Mercury in Pisces Crystals