• Transforming Insecurity
  • November 04 2021

New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon in transformative and intense Scorpio on 4 November is exactly that – intense. La Luna is not at her very best in this most sensitive of signs, with her tendency to be defensive to cover up her deep vulnerability. Scorpio lunations have a tendency to bring us all face to face with our innermost shadows, giving us the opportunity to evolve and grow.

Fortunately, Mars, the ancient, co-ruler of this New Moon, is marching strong in Scorpio, having finally made it out of passive and peacemaking Libra. At least we know what we are dealing with now, and aren’t afraid to stand up and assert ourselves and act on our deepest desires. Scorpio carries within itself the themes of survival, crisis, metamorphosis and power. These are all energies we could tap into during this New Moon. What in life do we need to change – drastically? What are we willing to fight for? Where do we feel our most vulnerable, and how can we open ourselves up to being okay with that vulnerability – knowing that this is the truest sign of strength? We will have to overcome the fixed energy that urges us to hold on instead of surrendering to the process. That’s the gift – and the challenge – of this lunation. 

Perhaps another the lesson for the Scorpio New Moon is that in our seemingly weakest moments, we are at our most powerful. The crisis point is where things transform, where alchemy happens. There’s nothing that the sign of Scorpio loves more than the archetypal Phoenix rising from the ashes. With this New Moon, we can burn the old structures to the ground and build anew. With Pluto, the modern co-ruler of Scorpio, in a tight square with Mercury, we will have the power to completely transform our thinking– or lose ourselves in pointless obsession. The choice is ours, as always.

Supporting this energy of transformation is the partile opposition of Uranus to the New Moon. Partile is when the degrees are exactly the same, so with the New Moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio and Uranus at 12 degrees of Taurus, it’s showtime. We’ll need to keep in mind that whatever we build now will be subject to sudden changes, unpredictable developments and quick releases. With the energies concentrated in these two signs, these changes are most likely to happen in the area of our personal resources – our money – as well as in our relationships.

Perhaps we might find ourselves in a struggle for survival, and the temptation is to hold on as tightly as possible. However, that’s precisely what not to do. When we uncurl our fingers from what we think is the prize, we can see that this is not what we were intended for, after all.

We’ll also have to keep in mind that Saturn is square to this New Moon and to Mars too, representing limitations that we simply have to accept. Pushing too hard against our obligations and duties at this time will create an inner and outer war. This then leads to feelings of frustration, crisis and drama. Father Saturn always has something useful to teach, but we have to be mature and strong enough to handle his karmic challenges. The struggle may feel quite real during this New Moon. It’s when we stay the course, face our shadows, are gentle with our vulnerabilities and use the power of endurance and commitment, that we make it through and come out stronger for it.



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