• Time to Talk
  • May 20 2021

Sun in Gemini

Welcome, Gemini Season! ‘Tis a busy season indeed, kicking off on 20 May at 3:37 pm EST. Coming out of the slow, sensual and grounding Taurus season, Gemini’s time may feel like someone has hit the fast-forward button, speeding things up and inviting fresh new change. Gemini is a sign the enjoys variety and is bored easily, unlike steady Taurus, who can plod along with absolute consistency.

Gemini Season invites us to, instead, enjoy every different spice that life has to offer rather than stick to just one thing. Neither is better or worse - it’s just different, and Gemini just loves different! As the sign of the twins, Gemini has both a shadow and a light side.

The lightness of Gemini is flighty and fun, positive, clever and quick on the uptake. This side of Gemini laughs things off and is willing to adapt and change with its environment! Gemini season offers the gift of flexibility and adaptability, the ability to wear any role and face that we need to according to the given situation. What a talent to have!

The other side of Gemini can be intense, a bit like Scorpio energy in some ways. Gemini’s evil twin is dramatic and gossipy, snide and fickle. Its energy is so restless that it’s non-committal, unable to shoulder responsibility for even just one second. The trick is to find the middle ground and to accept that in all of us resides a dark and a light twin. That our complexity is what makes us human, and what sets us apart is the ability to choose the side we want to be on, to choose not to indulge the wicked twin. And, if we do, to forgive ourselves for being human and move on, growing and learning!

The Sun in Gemini will only make three aspects over his time here: the first one will be an over-enthusiastic square with Jupiter, where we may feel like we can do anything, only to discover that we can’t. With this aspect, we can overreach ourselves or take a reckless gamble. Hence, it’s important not to overdo things just as this season begins! Fortunately, Saturn takes the reins, as the Sun and this responsible planet meet in a stable trine. Here, we can grow up, mature, and take on our duties with aplomb and a sense of purpose. We will want to create long-lasting connections to both friends and loved ones, and the way we put ourselves out there will reflect a strong sense of authority.

The Sun’s last aspect will be to Retrograde Mercury in Gemini – the Trickster – and here, ideas can come flooding in! It’s important that we take the busy ideas we have over Gemini Season and write them down, journal them, record them. Because, typically, Gemini is an octopus with far too many tentacles, and we will want to have our finger in every pie! We can do this, but some ideas may fall to the wayside with our enthusiasm and tendency to jump from one thing to the next. That’s why it can be a good idea to jot down our thoughts before they escape us completely!