Sun in Pisces


Airy Aquarius season is over and is now giving way to tender, emotional and intuitive Pisces Season! These two signs flow beautifully into each other, as they both focus on humanitarianism and community, just in different ways. 

The sign ahead always has lessons to teach the sign behind when it comes to astrological evolution, and the sign of Pisces is something special when it comes to teaching. Having absorbed all the lessons of all the signs of the zodiac, this sign is one that empathizes and understands all things, all people. 

There is a sensitivity and boundless energy to Pisces, a no-boundaries energy that is as inclusive as Aquarius, yet more flowing, and a touch more emotionally empathetic, being a water sign. These signs both have gifts to lend – what have we learned from Aquarius season that we can implement now, in Pisces Season? How can we marry the Aquarian gifts of idealism with the spiritual, compassionate gifts of Pisces? 

This is the month of forgiveness. The month of letting go, of trusting in a divine order. Of stepping away from control and allowing, sacrificing, surrendering. There’s great beauty to Pisces, and it is a month in which we can all escape into the realms of love, art, music, spirituality and nature.

Of course, Pisces is not perfect – no sign is. There is always the dark side, the shadow, which can be unhealthy, toxic escapes – into relationships. substances, bad habits. This Pisces season, it is easy to want to numb out, to avoid, to run away or to distract ourselves from ourselves by rescuing others. Pisces also has zero boundaries, which can be lovely when working with empathy and intuition, but toxic when we are not using our discretion. 

So, over this Pisces Season, make sure you are protecting yourself and never playing the victim/rescuer/tyrant card! This only serves to feed the wrong wolf and the right wolf with Pisces, is magical, mystical and divinely connected to the will of the universe. That is who we should feed!