• Broaden your horizons
  • November 21 2020

Sun in Sagittarius

As we shift from passionate, truth-seeking Scorpio and move into all-knowing, courageous Sagittarius we will begin to feel almost a sense of relief, as the emotional intensity dies down, and gets replaced by more optimistic and upbeat energy.

While the Sun is in Sagittarius, we will feel a strong desire to bring more adventure into our lives, likely may become more curious, seeking to learn new things and expand your awareness. It is a great time for connecting with people you usually would not connect with, to share wisdom, knowledge and experience with others, as a harmonious exchange of energy. It will be a nice shift from water energy into fire energy, we will be feeling more energized and eager to have new experiences that may invoke growth and expansion.

This season will influence us to bring more fun, adventure and wisdom into our lives. Emotions should be less intense, and it may be easier to maintain a good mood & attitude. Sagittarius season brings us the opportunity to expand our knowledge, our awareness and our perceptions of the world. As well it brings a sense of hope and good faith, your luck may really turn around these next 4 weeks!

This is such a great time for trying, learning, and discovering new things. Reflect on what kind of knowledge, wisdom or experience you seek to gain currently. For some the Sagittarius energy may have you focusing on how you can have a more of an optimistic attitude about life, to learn what it is like to fully live, and not just running on auto pilot. To discover what life really means to you and how you can live life fully and authentically. Many of us will also be seeking more freedom.

A strong desire to claim our free-spiritedness, as we feel the desire to live from our inner truth, unapologetically. It will be a time of soul-searching, to gather all the knowledge, wisdom, experience and resources you need to move forward and expand. The symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer or Centaur – with an arrow pointing sky high, representing the need to always reach for higher awareness, higher consciousness and higher versions of self. Use this season to discover what it truly means to live from your truth, to go beyond the horizon, to step out of your comfort zone, to be spontaneous, wild and free.