• Acting out Obsessions
  • October 23 2023

Sun in Scorpio

On October 23rd–  the Sun heads into the powerful, deep and intense water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio Season happens at the same time as Halloween and Eclipse Season, and thus, the potent energies of this sign can be called upon to manifest fierce transformation.

Scorpio is the sign of the Alchemist and the Shaman, the sign that rules the concept of death and rebirth. It’s that time of year when the gears shift from light and breezy to complex, passionate and slightly on the darker side of life. But dark doesn’t mean bad – in fact, it’s absolutely essential for us as a collective to integrate all sides of us – from the acceptable to the ‘unacceptable’. Scorpio strives to show us our shadows so that we can be whole and live a meaningful, more balanced existence.  

Fittingly, Halloween is celebrated during Scorpio Season, as it is every year. This is no coincidence. In Paganism, Halloween is on the day also known as Samhain, the ancient holiday where the veils are thinnest between the world of humans and the world of spirits. And so, this is a Season to dive deep and to do the healing – to connect to our ancestors and remember those who have passed and what we could still learn from them.

Scorpio is often painted as a toughie, as the scorpion with the sharp sting. But in reality, Scorpio is the softest, and most vulnerable sign there is. This is why Scorpio Season can often be a time to review our relationships, to either let go and make room for more authentic connections, or to renew and rebirth our existing ones. Once you’re in the heart of a Scorpio, they’ll lay down their lives for you – unless you betray them. Then, their famous sting can be poisonous and leave a deep scar. You’ve been warned.

This Season is also a perfect time to fearlessly investigate and bury ourselves in occult subjects, to probe into the meaning of life and death and to practice our tarot, astrology or other metaphysical interests. Intuition is massively expanded during Scorpio Season, and we may be able to see and understand things that we weren’t able to before. To truly walk between worlds.

Useful Sun in Scorpio Crystals