New Moon in Cancer


The New Moon in sensitive Cancer on July 17th brings with it the potential for enormous change and evolution. La Luna is right at home in this sign of her rulership, thus reflecting the potential for a deeper connection to our innermost needs.


Angled in a powerful, applying opposition to Pluto – within just three degrees – it’s also not a New Moon for the faint of heart. Pluto is now ensconced at twenty-nine degrees of Capricorn, a degree that this Archetype of the Underworld has been dancing in and out of since February this year and will only finish up visiting in November 2024. 


When a planet is at this Anaretic degree, there’s a sense of crisis, change and unfinished business to be attended to. And so, Pluto is presenting the decision, the choice, the option to wrap up Cancer-related themes, such as, for example, the final migration from one home to the next, or the cutting of toxic family ties. Pluto is also offering us the chance and the choice to evolve beyond painful childhood patternings, so that we are able to reach our fullest potential. Which is, essentially, the integration of our Inner Child with our Present Self.


These are lofty goals, and although the Plutonian influence is likely to reflect some intense pressure, it’s the kind of pressure that creates diamonds. The kind of pressure that renews, after a necessary process of purging. Reflect on the past at this New Moon. How that has influenced your sense of safety, belonging and security? Did you feel held, sheltered, cherished? Seen? Validated? If not, this New Moon allows us the opportunity to sow the seeds to be our own greatest cheerleader, our own greatest protector. As with any lunation in emotionally resonant Cancer, tears are likely to be shed and feelings will ebb and flow. Staying mindfully with these ebbs and flows helps us to be able to sit with discomfort and allow it to change us from the inside out.


Neptune is gently holding and supporting this New Moon via a building trine aspect. This is shows us a way out of the standoff between Pluto and the Luminaries. Here, we can find sweet surrender, and perhaps even an escape from the intensity. Here, we can find forgiveness and a greater Divine meaning to whatever is unfolding. Neptune offers signs and synchronicities, as if directly from Source energy. Connecting to our ancestors may even be a wellspring of comfort and understanding as we navigate the lineage-orientated waters of Cancer. Mars and Saturn are also increasing their energies as they come closer to their own opposition, an aspect which may have us feeling restrained, restricted, and even frustrated. Yet, it’s also an incredibly productive aspect for finding the sweet spot between moving and staying, between action and integration.


With both powerful opposing aspects, we may find ourselves dancing back and forth between polarities during this New Moon. But, in the end, we will find our feet. Gracefully. Realistically. Inspiringly. Armed with Cancerian empathy and intuition, anything is possible.