Full Moon October 05 2017

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Full Moon October 05 2017

Reawaken Your Fire
October 05 2017

The Full Moon is the emotional peak of each month, when the tides of feeling are running high and, in this case, also hot. The October 5 full moon is at 12°42′ Aries. As a fire sign, Aries is associated with passion, anger, and overall intensity. If you’ve been depressed, lacking vitality, or feeling indecisive, this Full Moon can reawaken your fire, shaking you out of stasis and into action. It’s time to get off the fence and move toward what inspires and ignites you.

The Full Moon squares Pluto, signifier of our shadows, core wounds, and subconscious programming. We may have less patience and be more easily triggered; small irritations can quickly build into big explosions.  It is difficult to control such intense emotions or reactions. It is best to try and transform any negative experiences you have by understanding the underlying reasons why you may be having these problems. Is there any abuse of power, manipulation or overly controlling behavior? Watch out for these themes in your relationships especially as Mercury is in Libra opposing the Moon which can make it more like to have arguments or get into misunderstandings.

Aries–Libra is the axis of self and other, and rebalancing relationship dynamics is a strong theme now. Anger can arise if we’ve overdone the Libra side of the polarity, stuffing our needs and desires in order to please others and keep the peace. Be as clear as possible in your thinking before jumping to irrational or impulsive Aries actions.  Venus square Saturn and Mars  square Saturn can add stress to intimate relationships due to negative feelings, distance or other relationships problems. Either way sensitive  discussions or negotiations will be very difficult over the next two weeks. Patience, dedication, and proper timing are needed to skillfully navigate this Full Moon. Saturn brings awareness to what is and isn’t working
in how we’re tending the various temples of our body and personal environment.

 The opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries, recently exact for the third and final time, magnifies the revolutionary and catalyzing powers of the Full Moon. You can find adventure and personal growth through travel, education and new relationships while still maintaining certain core responsibilities in your life. You can find creative and ingenious ways to relieve any boredom without causing too much chaos and disruption.

Venus trine Pluto and Mars trine Pluto adds intensity and passion to relationships and those things which bring you joy and satisfaction. You should feel more deeply about loved ones in general but especially with your partner. This is a good time for intimate relations due to your increased desire for love and affection. You can use the intense passion of this full moon to get motivated and work hard on your goals.


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