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Magnetic Intensity
Full Moon in Scorpio May 07 2020

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 7th brings the usual amount of intensity associated with this deep water sign but with added force. The magnetic side of Scorpio can manifest in feeling pulled towards something or someone in a compulsive, irresistible way.

When the Moon is full it gives us the opportunity to see through the dark of night. What is normally concealed on other nights will be illuminated under the sign of Scorpio, Ruler of Mysteries, both sexual and spiritual in nature. 

When the Full Moon shines through the realm of Scorpio, we will receive some uncanny realizations concerning the secrets of our romantic partnerships, both ones we would rather stay hidden as well as those which are hidden from us. Though some of these secrets revealed might carry a crushing emotional weight that taints the truths being offered into a struggle of the ego and its desire to control outcomes through external manipulation. 

Have you been suspicious of your partner or other people close to you? This Full Scorpio Moon may feel like a green light to play detective with your interpersonal affairs. 

With the Moon trine Neptune in Pisces, there is a fluid, easygoing tributary in the stream of life that offers greater flexibility and peace. One of Neptune’s strengths, is the ability to tune into people and situations on a deep, psychic level, which is accompanied with compassion and understanding. This is almost opposite to the harder side of Scorpio which, traditionally ruled by Mars, has a penetrative, edgy quality and can relate to feeling under threat. Scorpio can also share that Neptunian sensitivity in a healing way, once any real or perceived threat has passed

This Moon can be intoxicating and create new scenes in your intimacy, inviting you to Surrender to subconscious impulses. You may feel a feverish urge to be immersed into the persuasive moonlight. To taste forbidden fruits. You may be more suggestive than normal, especially when it comes to hidden desires.

Be cautious to not act so impulsive that you do things you’ll regret in the morning, when the concealing dream world of moonlight has delivered you into the hands of a sobering sun.

This can be a time of earth shattering realizations, Ultimately presents an opportunity to reevaluate your part within your relationships. Giving you the baton of accountability to shift your consciousness, ultimately leading to a change of approach and a more empowered position within your interactions with those closest to you. 


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