Full Moon September 06 2017

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Full Moon September 06 2017

Beneath The Veil
September 06 2017

The full moon on Wednesday September 6, 2017 is at 13° Pisces. The Pisces Full Moon opens our psychic sensors and increases sensitivity to the collective field. Pisces connects us with the feeling state of humanity and all of life. We may be more sensitive to the pain and suffering of the world, with the potential to open our hearts to love, acceptance, and compassion or to sink into helplessness and despair and playing the victim. This Full Moon then will be supremely absorbent of its environment, so it can work positively or negatively.

 The main themes of full moon September 2017 are spirituality, idealism, dreams, illusion, deception, weakness, confusion and vagueness. How will Neptune influence affect your mood and close relationships? Amplifying and intensifying Piscean themes, the Full Moon closely conjoins Neptune. You may pick up the wrong signals so be cautious, you will be more vulnerable to deception and scandal. The Pisces solar eclipse on February 26, 2017 was also conjunct Neptune, a seed-planting for a dream or vision that may now come to fruition. 

As an activator of Neptune, this Full Moon reveals our personal participation in the collective process of transcending the old paradigm. While some psychic impressions may inaccurate, your compassion and empathy will be genuine. You can be of great help to the victimized and outcast. Your emotional comfort will have a healing quality. Healing from the illusion of separation ultimately happens at the emotional level, and we’re asked to experience the full range of feelings that arise, without judgment

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, stations direct just before the Full Moon, ending its three-week retrograde. It stations at the same degree as last month’s solar eclipse (28° Leo), bringing insights about how to move forward with our eclipse intentions. Deeper truths are revealed at Mercury’s station, giving us more information to work with. Mercury is conjunct Mars at 0° Virgo, and both planets reactivate Regulus, which was strong at the Leo solar eclipse. This is a critical point in the Mercury retrograde cycle with a greater chance of communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. Aggressive or defensive thinking can bring nasty words, arguments, outbursts of temper and impulsive actions.

Moon-Neptune opposite Sun creates a tense and confrontational environment. Sun opposite Moon brings attention to your close relationships and how they are influenced by confusion and deception. Others may try to bring you down by attacking your private life.

Be very clear to yourself and to others about your intentions. There can be no gray areas, only yes or no. Any deception, underhand tactics or lying on your part will be like digging a bigger hole for yourself. If you do face disappointment and discouragement, it may be tempting to escape the harsh realities of life through mind altering substances.

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