• Balancing Old and New
  • July 2022

Jupiter Retrograde in Aries

After a fast and furious dip into the restless fires of Aries, Jupiter will cool his heels, stationing retrograde from July 28 until November 23. As Jupiter retrogrades, we are encouraged to take inventory of what we have learned about ourselves since May – the good, bad and ugly. This time also supports taking honest stock of our mindset to be sure we are not focusing on ourselves to the detriment of our other relationships.

We may find it worthwhile to reflect on what we have realized we are capable of when we choose to exercise courage in the face of fear. In what ways have we expanded our understanding of what is possible simply by finally having the guts to stop overthinking and just do the thing we know we need to do?

This retrograde starts off with a square to Venus which reminds us that we must slow down and cultivate the space within that is both soft and strong, rather than blunder forward with unnecessary intensity, if we are to successfully continue our spiritual path to greater self-awareness. In order for us to experience a vibrant and healthy connection with the people around us, we must first be engaged in a healthy connection with ourselves. This is indeed what we have been working on since May 10 when Jupiter entered Aries and we began rediscovering our own needs and desires.

As we settle in for this four-month retrograde cycle, we must find a way to balance a sense of receptivity and tenderness with the ruthless urge to proclaim our truth and chase what we desire. It is just as important to follow our heart as it is to practice kindness and care. This square can also help us create new avenues for growth by integrating our need for both self-belonging and safety in intimate relationships.

Jupiter will station direct four moon cycles later at the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23. This time, Jupiter will be squaring Mars, challenging us to put what we’ve learned into practical action. When we move through the world with an unwavering commitment to model our morals and values, we then have access to fulfillment and the kind of satisfaction that can only be felt by the soul.

Content by Violet @healing.human.spirit

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