• Boiling Point
  • June 05 2020

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The eclipse of the Moon in Sagittarius this month is the first of three consecutive eclipses ushering us into the heart of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

It is unusual to experience a trio of eclipses; we more often see them arrive in pairs. This adds a greater importance to their general effect over course of the next few months. Sagittarius is often associated with expansive thinking and bigger plans, some of which may now seem obscured by seemingly smaller issues that just won’t go away during this period. 

The Moon’s opposition to the Sun Venus conjunction in Gemini emphasises that flexibility is the key to having harmonious relationships, compromise with others, and keep positive in order to move forward.

Be aware that Venus is still in Retrograde motion and squaring Mars. This will bring tense energy affecting your relationships creating conflict. Any issues or problems you face in will be brought to the surface, try not to act to implusively and think before you talk.

Its time to step up communication skills, whether that means being a better listener and really understanding someone’s values and concerns or being able
to put a clearer and louder voice to your own needs. With Venus, some diplomacy is often required, and we will need to carefully judge what makes the best sense in any situation.

With the Lunar Eclipse square to Mars you may see your feelings start to reach boiling point. The Moon in fiery Sagittarius can act like a wild untamed horse in this position. Emotions may be overwhelming at this time so be sure you use any excessive energy proactively through exercise, spending time outdoors or being more creative.