Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn

The third and final Mercury retrograde is a  hybrid retrograde, as it spans two different signs - Capricorn and Sagittarius. This is likely to raise even more confusion than usual, yet is also a golden opportunity to revisit important topics that need closure and completion. This particular retrograde will start December 13th and end on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2024. There couldn’t be a more perfect time for this intellectual, thinking-originated planet to slow down. Why? Well, seeing as it’s the end of a year, this is a time when reflection tends to happen naturally in any case. 

Thus, harnessing the energy of this retrograde to pump the brakes, look back and review the year is a productive and proactive way to work with the energy of the cosmos, rather than let it become a hurdle to power through. Some journal prompts or reflections to ponder on may be contemplating which of our goals (Capricorn) have been achieved, versus which ones didn’t pan out - and why. We may also want to reflect on the adventures and growth (Sagittarius) that we’ve had and give ourselves the space to integrate it all. Often, the most important part of any journey (again, Sagittarius) is the afterglow - the processing of the experience, in other words. 

With this in mind, the most valuable gift we can give to ourselves now is to be able to press the pause button and allow our minds a well-earned rest. The transition between Capricorn and Sagittarius occurs on December 23rd, making this a time where a shift in mental gears will be most felt. We’ll find that certain subjects are likely to come up to be processed or discussed again. We may think about  returning to a certain conversation - one that inspired and is still inspiring growth. Or, we might have a deep spiritual insight and see a truth that was hidden up until this moment. We weren’t ready for this truth before, you see. It’s tempting to blurt that truth out, but as we know, the sign of Sagittarius does sometimes need to apply a more tender filter. Speaking tactfully is important, lest we ruffle feathers in a way that comes off as insensitive. Everyone has their truth, and we sometimes have to accept that, no matter how much we know something, we have to allow others their own experiences. This is just one powerful lesson of the Mercury retrograde. 

Jupiter, planet of abundance and upliftment, is in a trine relationship with Mercury thrice - on December 7th, 18th and a final aspect on January 19th. Trines between Mercury and Jupiter always encourage the positive merging of details with the bigger picture. We’re able to translate our aspirations into reality with ease and enthusiasm. These are ideal alignments for business and career-oriented endeavors, but can also be supportive for any new dreams that are being percolated. Dreams that we can put into motion come January 1st, once Mercury begins his direct dance.