February Monthly Horoscope February 2019 ~ Great Determination

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February Monthly Horoscope February 2019 ~ Great Determination

Great Determination
February 01 2019

Intensity builds from day one, as Mars squares Pluto on February 1st. It’s a battle between warrior and authoritarian, which could leave us feeling exhausted, unless we direct our energies constructively.

The New Moon on Monday February 4th, 2019 at 15° Aquarius. This Aquarius New Moon puts us more in touch with our human connection faculties, emphasising the need to consider others as well as tending to our own needs. The Sun, Moon and Mercury all sextile Jupiter that can bring good luck, optimism, generosity and happiness.

Revolutionary Uranus enters the final degree of Aries on February 6th. The 29th degree of a sign is considered critical. Uranus first began his journey through Aries in May 2010. Both globally and personally, we were motivated to reinvent ourselves, to gain greater independence. Now, we’re under pressure to complete the mission, to make one last wild break for freedom.

Mars conjoins Uranus on February 12th, irritating, animating, and energising this already volatile degree point. We could either set in motion progressive developments, or we could be taken by surprise with our defences down. 

The pace begins to slow on February 14th when Mars enters relaxed Taurus. Although we might be frustrated by the deceleration, we can also gain great determination to complete what we set out to do. Predecessor Aries is an impatient sign, apt to leave a job undone when boredom sets in. Persistent Taurus, however, will keep going, even when the task is hard work.

 Chiron enters Mars-ruled Aries on February 18th and will remain in this sign until 2027. The attention now shifts to the kinds of wounds that leave us unable to fight for our rights or pursue what makes us passionate, vital, and alive. Aries is an assertive, goal-oriented sign, but Chiron’s passage here could lead us to doubt our strength. Issues of chronic anger, lack of motivation, and conflict can cause disease, and it’s Chiron’s job to find the source of the suffering.

 The Full Moon in practical Virgo on February 19th could assist us to make sense of our muddles and find ways to help one another. The Virgo Moon trining Mars in Taurus, close to Uranus in Aries, makes for a highly charged Full Moon.

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