June Monthly Horoscope June 2018 ~ Slowing Down

June Monthly Horoscope June 2018 ~ Slowing Down

Now June is quite an active month astrologically, Mars will slow down to a crawl as he turns retrograde on the 26th, while Jupiter and Saturn continue in their retrograde paths. Change, is likely to slow down, since this forecast period sees significant retrograde action. Neptune will be also be stationing retrograde on June 18, revealing where reality has been distorted by idealism.

The New Moon in airy, mutable Gemini on June 13th, plants a seed for change, and highlights the power of our thoughts and words to shape reality. It reminds us that the first step to shifting our circumstances is to view them from a new angle, and we can draw on the Gemini gift of seeing any situation from multiple perspectives. If we find ourselves stuck in an old, limiting mental tape about what’s possible, this New Moon offers us a chance to rewrite that story and change our circumstances.

Mercury’s opposition to Saturn (exact on June 15) suggests that we may need to make an important decision or take committed action. With Mercury in Cancer, these decisions could be related to family or other close relationships, home or real estate. While Mercury/Saturn can help us to think realistically about circumstances, there’s also a potential for negative or overly critical thinking, cynicism, or judgment.

The Sun’s entry into familial Cancer on the 21st marks the Summer Solstice and spotlights the need for roots and a sense of belonging, but the skies are in an uncooperative mood. An opposition between cosmic lovers Venus and Mars  could spark a desire for what we don’t have and a lack of appreciation for what we do have.

The Full Moon on June 27th may serve as a particularly dramatic turning point, as it activates Capricorn, the sign of completions and consequences. And the Moon closely conjoins Saturn also known as the Lord of Karma. The emotional tone of this lunation is more sobering than celebratory, but it can help us to clarify our priorities and realign with what’s most meaningful to us.

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