March Monthly Horoscope


March brings about massive shifts on the astrological calendar with Saturn and Pluto both changing signs. Also with Mars moving into cancer after 7 months in Gemini the energy should be felt on a very deep level.

Mercury moves into Pisces on March 2nd This placement of Mercury is powerful for creative endeavours of all kinds such as acting, writing, art, poetry, singing, music or humanitarian work. Self-confidence is lessened in intellectual matters preferring to evaluate situations on the intuitive and imaginative level, feeling your way through our situation rather than reasoning and evaluating events.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th is the harbinger and precursor to these catalytic changes. Although Virgo is, technically speaking, an earth sign, being ruled by Mercury lends Virgo the energies of rational, objective air. Intelligent practicality is thus on our side as we navigate our way through this powerful energy shift. Releasing is also a typical Full Moon theme, and with this Full Moon, we need to release any habits, routines and practices that simply don’t work for us any longer. We may have held onto a particular routine for a very long time, thinking that it brings us comfort, when all it’s doing is stagnating us.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th and will remain there until February 14, 2026. Interestingly, the archetypes of Saturn and Pisces are vastly paradoxical. Saturn is largely rigid and demands a solid structure, whereas Pisces is an ethereal archetype that represents the spiritual consciousness of having no boundaries. The very concept of reality may become slippery as we do our best to grasp Saturn’s lessons of compassion and healing in the complex ocean of Pisces. Clarity may elude us, making it necessary for us to get comfortable with not having all the answers.

Venus moves into secure and earthy Taurus on March 16th. In Taurus her energy becomes soft, nurturing and romantic. Venus in Taurus knows how to live life to the fullest, and little expense is spared in the pursuit of pleasure! Of course, Venus in Taurus is known for being possessive and cautious, too – she knows where every penny is spent and how! When it comes to relationships, Venus’s domain, we can experience them collectively as that much more stable, committed and secure.

Aries Season begins on March 20th and with the Sun in Aries we are motivated by the desire to conquer. This marks the beginning of the astrological New Year. The fiery Aries energy now promotes all impulses for growth with a spirit of optimism. We are more impulsive, and have the urge to initiate. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly–there is little shame with possess abundant creative energy and enthusiasm for life. 

The Aries new moon happens just a day after Aries season begins on March 21st. This lunation also sits at the very sensitive degree of 0 Aries, which is the number of manifestation. This invites unlimited potential that we can all tap into. Like the Fool in the Tarot, we might be invited to initiate an adventure, to trust and freefall, whilst having faith in the Universe that our spontaneity will be rewarded. After all, Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, and is known for boldly going where angels fear to tread – and yet, their instincts are often right on the money.

However, when any planet – especially the mighty Sun and Moon – is at 0 degrees there is a gentle warning from the cosmos. The less-developed traits of the sign often come forth at these early degrees. In this case, it could be the recklessness of Aries, self-absorption or naivety. None of these qualities are ‘bad’. In fact, they are resources that we can draw upon, when we choose to transmute them into courageousness, self-consideration and trust. But we’ll have to be sure to discern and choose.

On March 23rd a major cosmic gear change is happening. Pluto, planet of transformation and evolution, is shifting signs, moving from pragmatic Capricorn into idealistic Aquarius.

Although Pluto will only be here until June 11th before he retrogrades back into Capricorn until his permanent move into Aquarius again on January 21st, 2024, it’s still a palpable energy that’s likely to give us a good idea of what’s to come for the next two decades. Those of us with planets at 00 degrees of Aquarius – especially the Sun, Moon, or Rising Sign– are due for a major and much-needed purge and psychological evolution. Releasing control and surrendering to the process will serve us the best, so that we can empower ourselves and step into our deepest potential. 

After several months of an extended stay in busy, restless Gemini, Mars is finally ready to move on, on March 25th. Seldom does the Red Planet linger for so long in any one sign. The only reason he’s dithered is due to his retrograde over the end of 2022 and into the beginning of 2023. This cosmic event only happens every two years, with this particular retrograde having been quite the doozy. Rampant communication, nervous system activation and frenetic activity have been the order of the day for months now and it’s high time that we all took a nourishing break.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what the next sign of Mars – Cancer – is all about. In the watery realms of the crab, Mars settles into home, family and nesting. Instead of continually seeking change and excitement, Mars is more than ready to snuggle up on the couch with his favorite homecooked meal, as passed down by grandmamma.

Granted, the Warrior God is not particularly comfortable in this most home-loving of signs. In fact, in traditional, ancient Astrology, Mars in Cancer is said to be in ‘Fall”, opposite his “Exaltation” sign of Capricorn. All that this means is that Mars is not as able as he usually is to express his bold, assertive energies in the usual way. Here, Mars becomes, well, watered down. Driven by emotions and intuition, Mars acts on his gut and follows his feelings.